Sparkler: Who I was before:

It’s more like who I am simultaneously. I have a seond diary here at DD that I keep for a group of people who met in cyberspace and have become friends. We post to each other on a message board that the Professor created. It’s nice in that it is a very ecclectic, international community. Many of us share an interest in Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, but I can’t remember the last time we had a serious Tolkien discussion there.

If you check the diary under the name TheElf, you’ll find me there, acting as the hostess for the Dark Tower. That diary is meant as a quick way for members of the community to catch up with doings on the message board if they’ve been away from it for any period of time. It’s also a bit of an index, making it possible to find old posts to the board that someone might want to go back and review for any reason. The Index and and Welcome pages have a fair amount of information and explanation about us.

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