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I got into the office this morning and discovered that I’d left the coffee pot on all weekend. That would have been bad enough over-night, but all weekend? It’s just another sign of how distracted I am, but I begin to scare myself.

We met at my younger sister’s place Saturday night to celebrate her birthday. I’d purchased her present in July, and was anxious to see her reaction to it. I found a set of salt and pepper shakers by an artist whose work my sister collects while I was in Boston for the AVMA convention. The artist uses a motif of a running white rabbit on midnight blue ceramic, with a full moon in the sky. The salt and pepper shakers were white running rabbits, and were on small wooden wheels so you could actually roll them across the table to pass them. It was one of those gifts that you’d either love or hate to receive – fortunately I think she loved them. She confirmed to The Prof and me that she and her husband are divorcing, although it is amicable and they don’t have a set time table for it yet. She indicated that this is his idea, and that he’s refused to go to counselling. This still isn’t for public consumption yet, although I know none of her friends and so wouldn’t be in the position of spilling the beans at any time.

The Professor was jealous of my time all weekend. I have resumed keeping my second Diary, and am trying to make catch up entries to it for the past week. The Prof has been interrupting me every chance he gets though. He wanted to go out and run errands Sunday, and even suggested going to the local mall to see if there were any flags to be had there. As soon as we got to the mall and had a bit to eat in the food court though he wanted to come home. He has been trying to talk me out of doing the other diary (he is unaware I keep this one) because he knows the aggravation I’ve gone through with it. I sincerely believe he is also simply jealous of the time I have to devote to its maintenance as well, although he never once brings that up. He just keeps interrupting me while I try to work on it.

Ditto when I’m trying to talk with on-line friends. Since he and I met on-line, we share many virtual friends, but he seems to be pulling away, while I seem to be relying on them more heavily than ever. I’m not sure how to handle this, and I hope this is just a sign of the unsettledness that we’re all feeling right now after last week. It’s important to me that I have a life beyond the four walls of our apartment, though, and I’m unwilling to restrict time with friends too much.

I finally heard from the Ex Sunday night. Turns out he was stranded in Utah after his camping trip because of last week’s events, and spent three unexpected days in Salt Lake City. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for him and his crew to return from camping – their baggage would have included all sorts of now contraband items that they would have used as tools for wilderness camping. He tends to use his back-pack as carry-on, and I doubt he’d have been able to do that on the return trip. I imagine I’ll hear more from him this week, as he indicates he has a lot more mail for me. I wish he’d just throw out the pharmaceutical advertisements and veterinary flyers that still go to my old address; there’s no way of figuring out where this mailing lists reside so I have no hope of changing the address on them, and it’s all junk mail anyhow. He insists on saving anything for me that has my name on it. I suspect it’s a subtle kind of revenge.

I am expecting a visitor from Norway the end of the month. She e-mailed me this weekend to confirm that she is still planning to come, and I’m glad that current events haven’t put her off her plans. It will be good to have her visit to look forward to.

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  1. Lots of news and I don’t know if any of it could be considered good. Regarding your sister, another all-too-common ending to a marriage, and no flexibility at all on the husband’s part. That kind of attitude must have been hard for her during their whole marriage, anyway.

    Regarding the ex and the mail, yes, it sounds like passive-aggressive behavior to me, too.

    Regarding the erratic behavior of Prof, I’d say half of it is anxiety from recent events, and the other half? Hard to say. Do you set aside a block of time for just talking regularly with no ‘dishes-must-be-done’ pressures? Maybe you guys can IM each other like the old days ;o)

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