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  1. Wow, if she jumped from the back of those chairs, I would be moving that crystal for sure. BTW, in your entry you refered to her as KfC (Kentucy Fried Chicken)—LOL. Nice present on the floor,luckily you didn’t step in it! There is nothing worse that stepping barefoot in cold poop (or a nasty hairball) in the morning. YEECH. That defininately wakes a person up.

  2. That is too funny for words! That last pic of the KfH in the new hutch, showing her big smile… or is she just showing her teeth? Anyway, hilarious photo!! The hutch looks great.

  3. I had to return for another look at this pic of KfH in the hutch. Her expression in that photo is absolutely priceless. It’s still making me laugh.

  4. LOL..

    Looks like KFH yells…

    "" MOooooooOoooooooMMY…..GET ME OUT OF HERE!! Those DAMN StarWar thingie put me in there!! ARRRGGHHH..""

    LOL.. Good ones!


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