Down time.

Near as I can tell, my diary hasn’t been compromised. I’m waiting until Monday, and will then come back on line as Salamander. Until then, I’m busy taking care of odds and ends. May use this as an excuse to change the “look” of the place, if I can do so at home without the Professor getting too curious. Fortunately, he’s spending quite a bit of time on his heavy metal forum at the moment, and shows little interest in my doings on the computer.

I’m a bit surprised I haven’t heard from either of the sisters about Thanksgiving yet. I’m wondering now if The Professor and I are to be left to our own devices this holiday. It would be nice to spend a holiday with him, without interruption. I strongly suspect the Elder Sister will call a day or two before Thanksgiving to set things up though. There are days I think I’m the only person alive who likes to plan more than a day or two ahead. Even The Professor gets exasperated with me when I try to plan dinner for the next day the night before. (Interestingly enough, I note that he has no problems planning his Indian extravaganzas weeks in advance, though.)

I did add a few more KfH pics, in case anyone is interested:

It’s really hard to get all three cats in the same spot at the same time for a picture. Everything was set until just before the shutter clicked. The Warrior Princess figured out *something* was up, and started to exit as the flash went off. Clueless and KfH are just watching her stalk off.

The Kitten from Hell monopolizes anything in the aparment that even remotely looks like a toy. She eventually tired of this shopping bag, and moved on to other pressing concerns. Clueless Wonder, who loved bags as a kitten, moved in to investigate. That was all it took to get KfH interested in the bag again.

CW tried to keep KFH at bay, but she kept trying to get into the bag with him. In desparation, he tried to escape the bag, but got his head caught in the handle. KfH, sensing an advantage was at hand, started tormenting poor CW. I’m frequently amazed he doesn’t rip her throat out. I know I’ve been ready to a couple of times….

And finally, KfH and my Turtle, the Rhine Maiden. KfH has just, in the last week, started noticing that there is yet another Presence in the apartment. She’s interested, and I just know that this is leading to disaster. She’s been found on top of the turtle’s tank multiple times, and has managed now to find a way to knock the hatch off the tank (actually, she knocked it INTO the tank, where I have yet to rescue it from). I wouldn’t mind it if RM gave her a good bite on the foot for her troubles, but I don’t think I want that vet bill.

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