Good news/bad news

THE GOOD NEWS: The lump is just a sebacious cyst. Granted, it got large quickly, but it isn’t infected (which is why there was never any pain connected with it). We just keep an eye on it. It will probably be as active as Clueless Wonder on a slow day (i.e. it’s just going to sit there and do nothing the rest of my life).

THE BAD NEWS: We can say this one in a single word. Colonoscopy.

My life sucks.

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  1. Well, not only did you need to defend yourself, but you needed to defend your profession. If she manages to convince some folks that their vet is the last one they should talk to about their animal’s health, she’s not doing them any favors. Argh. People. {{you}}

  2. i love people who know everything. (Insert sarcasm here).

    i don’t think you were really out of line. You could have practiced more restraint on your final reply (ouch!), but i think if you know someone is spreading false information (purposefully or not), you should try to correct it.

    Take care.

  3. I noticed that this person claimed to be from NW NJ. I happen to have a lot of experience with this type of person.

    Arrogant, obnoxious suburban-wife know-it-all (no offense to you non-obnoxious suburban wives, but I’m sure you know the type)who decides that she knows more than educated professionals because she went to a speech and read a few magazines. (Probably written by Manufacturers’ hacks)

    Believe me, there’s nobody gives me more trouble than the guy who took a few computer classes in college, and thinks he knows more than I do. They screw up their machines in the most creative ways.

    Don’t let the dope keep you from helping our friend if you can. And I’m not sure if a refugee from the admin board qualifies as a better friend than you to our friend.

  4. Geez!

    I’ve had cats, dogs, chickens, and rabbits with skin problems, my vets have ALWAYS known what I was doing wrong and pointed me in the right direction to a cure.


    Maybe it works for me because I am ignorant about a lot of stuff.

  5. There is no talking to some people, they don’t shut up long enough to listen. I hear all sorts of interesting feeding plans from customers. I don’t blame you for feeling insulted. That was rude.

    Yesterday my walking partner asked me to show a diet she had started to my A & P teacher, who also teachs nutrition, microbiology, pharmocology (SP?) among other subjects. The teacher said it was a high protein diet and said that there wasn’t one professional organization who would endorse it. When I told this to my friend, she said my teacher didn’t know what she was talking about. Excuse me, she teaches nutrition—HELLO??? How rude. I took great offense at that comment. ARGH—some people.

    See if I ask her anything again from her. LOL.

  6. Wow! Nice response! I think you did a great job bravely taking SelfAppointedCanineExpert on and expressing yourself. I’m floored that, once she knew she had thoroughly insulted someone’s profession to their face, she stuck with it and just kept on insulting you and insisting that ALL veteranarians were exactly as she heard this guy describe himself – that was horrific. You don’t have a thing to worry about (re: concerned you were being rude) – you were fine. I say if she gives you any more flack just send her an application to your vet school and see if they’ll accept her. Then leave her, she’s not worth any more time or energy and everyone on the board will be able to see that.

  7. glad you stood up to the canine expert, who probably thought you were some whippersnapper girl. you may have reminded her of her daughter.

    daughter 🙁

    i don’t know…….blue sounds a lot like me. i’m off to take the test.

  8. what a pill! i hope your response (a really beautiful one i might add!) rocks the rocks outta ms.doggydoo-doo expert’s head. hehe.

    dang, even i (vet-tech in the making)got a semester of small animal nutrition. what planet is she living on???

    ps. i’m a little mangled but okay.

  9. Well, if it makes you feel a bit better, my vet is an excellent one and we have stuck with her since our Dachshund was born, as the breeder is my mum’s friend and also goes to the same vet. And the vet is the first one I’d ask about allergies from.

    I wish you could be our vet! My dogs rule ;).

    Oh, and thanks for the comment you left in my diary today, very good to read. I personally hate it when European media makes all Americans look like idiots who don’t care about international issues if fellow Americans are not involved. I don’t believe in it personally, I am 100 % sure the majority of Americans are very interested about what happens elsewhere. I even wrote an essay on American journalism and media today.

    *Smiles and hugs*


  10. I had one of those cyst removed from my knee about two years ago…..I’ve heard they can grow as large as a golf ball. I just wanted it OFF.

    why a ‘colonoscopy’?

    I hope your in better spirits soon*

  11. Hi, Salamander.

    Good luck with that colonoscopy. Both of my parents have had it. (Is that the procedure where they make you fast and drink like a gallon of chalky junk beforehand?) I’m sure it’ll be okay. Probably nothing that a few veggies won’t cure, eh?

    Anyway, I’m assuming the appointment for it won’t be this week, so relax and have a good weekend with MWHBF…whatever! (that guy of mine). :o)

  12. Dont you just love those type of smart *** that think a expert knows nothing, and everyone thinks they are so wise pointing out this fact to people. Sheshhhhh!! Dont you feel like shocking it to her just because you can?? LOL

    I hope you arent sick. I was going to ask what a colonoscopy was, but last time I asked someone what something was they had, I was sorry I asked, so I may have to go and look up the answer in a book or something.LOL

    Just wanted to say thank you for your comment. You know, maybe you are right in what you said, it made me think. Maybe do things I love to do, rather than things Im meant to love to do.I hope that makes sense.Anyway, thank you….it meant a lot what you said.

    What else? Oh yea……we are "babysitting" a little staffy dog who is so cute in a staffy sort of way. She looks so mean, but is the silliest sook you ever meant. She has this weird voice, almost like she sings when she wants in. She isnt happy about our two dogs(both Golden Retriever)but getting better each day. Only have her for another few days and I will miss her because she is so tough looking on the outside, but the cutiest little thing inside.

    Anyway, I have yaked yaked yaked enough….Im outta here.

    Thanks really meant a lot to me. 🙂



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