Part of my Gumby Collection

I suppose eventually someone around here is going to point out how unprofessional it is to have these hanging in my office.

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  1. Charley Pride? Far out…

    i thought about training my Daisy…but she shows no interest. i firmly believe you *can* train cats, the problem is that they are not as easily manipulated as dogs. That, and cats just don’t care.

  2. your training sessions with the cats made me smile! lol.

    i got a cat yesterday, myself–one made of wood. it will always be sitting.

    sorry about your aches 🙁

  3. So you’re coming to Nashville! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for you – even though I’ve only seen you from the eyes up! Anyway, I had to laugh at your saying you’d have to check out the "finer local restaurants"… we’re not known for our great restaurants… but there are a few good ones. My favorite is The Medditeranean Cuisine on 21st Avenue South (just south of downtown). Also good is Calypso Cafe (in 2 locations). August Moon is okay for Chinese food; it’s in Green Hills (about a 10 minute drive from downtown). If you’re staying in town, a good one down there is Big River Grille & Brewer Works on Broadway (that’s where S and I had our very first date!). Hope you have a good time!

  4. Sugar and Chocolate??? How did I end up with Beer and Vanilla LOL!!!

    I have a friend that goes to a vet conference every year. I’m thinking it was hmmm on the East Coast last year and Hawaii the year before. Same conference? They always turn it into a sight seeing trip and seem to really enjoy themselves.


  5. I have never heard of Sugar Gliders before. I want a pet like that! With wings 🙂 yay!

    Oh, and I wanted to have ‘cur’ as my username, because it’s always been my online nickname, but for some reason I couldn’t have it, so I chose NooNoo. I got the silly nick at Angels in the Night chat :). You can call me cur, if you prefer. Most people do :).



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