And Visitor #4000

to Salamander’s humble diary “The View from Under My Rock” is TraumaMama911. For this achievement, I’m afraid there’s no prize what-so-ever, but I’ll see if I can’t fix that for the next time.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and stay tuned for our next winner at level 5000.

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  1. I share your frustration, at least in part. S has no ability to estimate time. If he says he’ll be 10 minutes, I double it. If he says he’ll be a few hours, I don’t know what to do. There’s no easy formula to convert a few hours in S-speak. I work with a +10 to 250% kind of leeway in my mind. Conversely, if he says, "I have a few hours free this afternoon," I’ve learned to make no plans to fill it. It may or may not happen.

  2. I’m laughing because The Prof reminds me SO MUCH of S! No grasp of time – clocks are a nuisance… the store he’s been promising to get to since Friday and still hasn’t made it due to the fact that they’re closed by the time he’s "ready"… sleeping all day and wondering where the time went when the day’s chores don’t get done… then giving me that look like I’m deserting him when I say I’m off to bed at 11PM…

    I understand your frustration completely!

  3. love your "years" entry, really makes me think. i have to say, i really admire you for having the guts to apply to vet school at that point in your life. that’s no walk in the park.

  4. i think i’m a cross between the prof and you. i loose track of time or underestimate how long a project might take. i get irritated at myself about it, though.

    daffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sallymander,

    My friend Elina gets the virus warning thingy from my diary as well, and now you too. *Pouts* I have no idea what’s up with it, but I talked to Steve and he asked me to tell you to e-mail him about it. You obviously know something about computers and stuff, unlike uhm, me. LOL

    I hope you won’t have to stop visiting my diary!:/



  6. I have to agree with you on #4 of the last one. Thanks for the pep talk, you are right! When I go for an interview down the line, I will remember to tell them that. It’s not age, it is experience.

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