Time and Cat Food

OK, I’ve calmed down a bit from last night. Yes, The Professor was talking out of extreme frustration. But he is one of the worst time-management people I have ever met. “Time” for him is a superfluous concept, and clocks exist only to make his life miserable. More often than not he has no concept of how long a project is going to take or how to budget his time.

That’s why, when I try to go to bed at ten I often don’t get to turn out the light until after eleven. He likes to have little chats before I go to sleep, and has no clue that his five minute chats often take over an hour’s worth of time. When he cooks his Indian extravaganzas he usually won’t start until after six o’clock, and each time it’s a revelation to him that we aren’t sitting down to dinner until after ten. He’ll sleep till noon and think he has a “full day” ahead to do things, without taking into account some shops close at five, many restaurants stop serving at ten, and The Salamander starts to get tired well before midnight. When he does finally figure out that he hasn’t got enough time to accomplish things, it’s always the fault of the shops or the restaurants or The Salamander … never his fault.

But at least he’s never boring. Which I am rapidly in danger of becoming, if I continue on this strain.

It appears that the Kitten from Hell isn’t the only cat capable of getting into trouble. Clueless Wonder did a great job yesterday, with a little help from me I’m afraid. KfH gets fed in the bathroom, so that she keeps her nose out of CW’s food bowl while he’s eating. KfH gets all the food she wants at the moment, since she’s in the midst of a growth spurt. CW is still on his diet, though, and only gets an eighth of a cup of food twice a day. Yesterday morning automatic pilot must have been defective though. I fed them both, then when CW was done (he’s a slow eater) I released KfH and went to work.

Anybody notice what I forgot to do?

KfH’s bowl was still on the floor of the bathroom when I got home last night. KfH’s bowl was the only thing on the floor, though; it was devoid of even a crumb. And CW, while he still begged for food, did not persist when all he got was his pill-in-a-Pounce. There were over two cups of food in that kitten’s bowl, and I have no doubt that Blubbomatic got most of them. I wonder how far that’s going to set him back on his diet. At least I’ve recently switched KfH off of kitten food and onto adult formula. I’d hate to think how many calories CW would have taken in if it were the fat rich kitten chow he’d gotten two cups of.

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