Things to be grateful for:

– Three tickets in hand for tomorrow’s 4:00 showing of Spiderman (a wonderful friend, my love and me)

– The new apartment tentative move in date 7/12

– Solution to a nasty problem at work seems 90% successful

– Some wonderful man cleaned my turtle’s tank while I slept last night (and got a mouthful of water while setting up the siphon, poor thing).

– The maple keys are in the wind again.

– ACfH hasn’t broken anything I value for a week (even if she did steal a large button that I haven’t been able to locate yet).

– MWUFFLTHBH is bringing the red wine tomorrow.

– It’s Friday at 3:00 and I’ve nearly cleared my desk.

I think I’m happy. It’s a strange feeling, but I kinda like it.

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