The results of sleep deprivation.

I went looking for Hampster Dance tonight. My old link no longer worked. I found their new site easily enough … and then just kept going.

Caution – all these load music. Do NOT listen to these from your work station unless you have earphones. No point in just turning the sound off, as you’ll miss most of the fun that way.

Here’s what happened to Hampster Dance

Here’s their new site

Here’s the original Hampster dance, not on the new site apparently


Hampster Assassin( Caution, a bit bloody.)

Satanic Hamster Dance

Cartoon Planet Dance (Rather dull, actually.)

Jesus Dance (caution – highly irreverant)

Frog Dance

Hippo Dance

Cat Dance

Another Cat Dance

Pig Dance

And finally, if you want still more : Dance Links

I think I’ll feed the cats and try to get some sleep now.

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  1. The world did change that day, life did.It is a day we grew up and realised life is valuable.

    It is a day to be sad, but in doing so, we have to move forward.

    I call it the day the world stood still 🙁


  2. I don’t think I will be able to watch TV either. Each time as my diary loads up and I wait, I look at each of the candles "flickering," representing a very small portion of the persons that died. I still have a hard time comprehending the enormity of the event. I teach drill tomorrow night and I plan on having a moment of silence.

  3. It has surprised me how much it has been on my mind this week. You are correct, life will never be the same. Our nation changed after Pearl Harbor, JFK’s assasination, MLK, Vietnam…. To say we are different does not diminish the other tragedies of the world. All of them change what was "normal" at the time – hopefully for the better.


  4. Bill and I were just talking about tomorrow and what will be going on. I doubt that I’ll watch any of the shows about it since it was such a horrible day in my memory. It still sickens me when I think of it and what a frightening day it was. I don’t want to forget it, but I don’t want to relive it either. Thanks for the comment btw, it means a lot. Love, Jen

  5. tomorrow is provasik’s now forever overshadowed birthday. he’ll be 30.

    i don’t care to relive the horror on television, either. my memory of what happened is still pretty intact.

    hope you’re feeling well this evening, my friend.

  6. I just checked out hampsterdance =)

    I wondered what happened to it. I used to use that site as a cheer up for tiny tikes who were full of

    The kids always cheered up when they heard the hampsters.

    I went to the other site/parody and it stated the theme song for hampsters was from a Disney movie.

    Ahem, I do believe the tune is the B side of a Rodger Miller LP from mid to late 60’s.

    So this is what you do when you can’t sleep?

    Good idea!


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