Lazy Days and Shoebox Toys

It wasn’t exactly a gold-star productive weekend, but I have at least caught up on my sleep. If all goes well, this coming week will be the first five-day work week I’ll be putting in since I started back. It will be interesting to see how dead I am at the end of it.

After sleeping for about eleven hours the night before last, I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed and … read the paper. Made a cuppa tea. Lay back on the love seat with my legs propped up. When The Socialist arose a few hours after me, we went out to Chik-fil-A, where I treated myself to a salad. I could continue in this vein, but I think you get the general idea … I accomplished nadda yesterday. And I’m proud of it.

Today wasn’t much different. We had rented Enigma yesterday, which I’d really wanted to see in the theaters but missed. For some reason, when we plugged the DVD into the player last night, it wouldn’t load. The disc looked fine, but it just wouldn’t play. We returned it this morning and replaced it with a new Enigma DVD. This, it turned out, also refused to play on the Toshiba player. Out of morbid curiosity, I took the disc upstairs to my computer and gave it a spin there. It played fine. I’ve never had this happen before, but when I returned the second disc to Blockbuster they said that every once in a while there’s an incompatibility between DVD’s and some players. I’m totally bummed … guess I won’t be seeing that flick. I was able to replace it with “Twelve Angry Men”, an oldie that I’ve never seen and always wanted to. The Socialist will hate it, but I did give him a chance to tell me what to get and he declined. So he’s going to have to lump it.

On my way back from the video store, I stopped off at Walmart, the store I claim to hate but still drop mega-cash at. For the past few years, my company has sponsored a holiday toy drive for needy and underpriveleged kids across the globe. The concept is simple: you get a shoebox and fill it with toys and necessities for either a boy or girl. The shoeboxes are distributed Christmas day to kids anywhere in the world who otherwise wouldn’t have a holiday. It kinda ticks me off that only the Christian kids get presents, but I suppose since it is a Christmas charity I can’t make too big a squawk about it. The stuff still goes to deserving kids, regardless, and I can always make contributions to other organizations to help out the other kids.

Anyhow, for $33 at Walmart I was able to get:

One plastic shoebox with snap-on lid (seemed nicer than just using an old cardboard one)

A Kelly veterinarian doll

A package of five Kelly doll wardrobe changes

A tin with old-fashioned pick-up sticks in it, along with instructions on how to play

A Barbie doll grooming kit

A set of five gel pens

A purple ruler

A purple protractor

A set of purple-handled safety scissors

A foamy wash sponge

A three pack of Ivory soap

A purple toothbrush

A tube of toothpaste

A toiletry set of washing gel, lotion and shampoo (all purple)

A purple flashlight

After all that, there was no way I could cram so much as a pack of gum into that shoebox. I’m rather pleased with my haul.

I was also particularly pleased with the fact that the Kelly doll is a little black girl. I’d like to think that they’ll match the doll up with some young girl who can identify with her; buying a blond-haired, blue-eyed doll to send overseas to some poor kid in Africa just didn’t seem right. The fact that she was a veterinarian doll just tickled my fancy; if the child wants her to be a doctor or a nurse instead that’s just fine by me.

Oh yeah. I really feel like making dinner tonight. Not. I wonder if The Socialist would mind going hungry, just this once.

Yeah, right. I’d better get hustling.

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  1. How I wish we had a WalMart here, the closest one is 75 miles (one way). WalMart has tried to put a store in, but the county is against "Big Boxes" which means no K-mart either.

    I forgot about your purple fetish. What a nice thing to do.

    Too bad you weren’t closer, I’d invite you two over for dinner. For once I feel like cooking AND I have food to cook!

  2. The recipient of your generous box is going to be one happy little girl come Christmas! 🙂

    I used to coordinate all of the Christmas drives when I was a member of one of our local volunteer fire departments here and I loved doing this each year. The last couple of years I was with them I added ‘food baskets’ in addition so that the parents would have something to look forward to and also have something given to them that was needed. I’m sitting here thinking I might just give them a call and see if they need any help this year….

    Glad you got some rest this weekend! 🙂


  3. what a cool box of purple goods some lucky little lady is getting! sounds productive enough for a weekend, methinks.

    i have been in bed most of the day, myself, with some bug that is making me feel weak. the salad i just had for dinner is my first/last solid meal of the day.

    have a good 5 day work week! did i type that out loud just now????

  4. The extra disk in the Lord of the Rings DVD set wouldn’t work in my DVD player. I wonder if the fact my DVD player also doubles as a videogame console has anything to do with it?

    I spent gobs of money at Walmart last week. I went in there to buy diapers and wound up walking out with a cart full of halloween items.

  5. Everytime I go to Wal-Mart I say I’m never going back; but that place has some kind of huge magnet that always draws me back thru those annoying doors and crowds.

    Sounds like you had a restful weekend.


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