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  1. That looks like such nice fluffy snow.

    We were supposed to get a half inch of wet nasty snow, but it never materialized. I don’t want to see what happens to these crazy drivers around here with any kind of cold precip to deal with.

  2. I think Shay and I were reading your diary at the same time. I’m surprised he ever got through it, with me shouting, "KITTY!" and "PRETTY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!" throughout.

    Thanks for the photo bonanza! Yeehaw!

  3. Dat sure do be the cutest lil` snowcritter….

    We got about 8 inches ourselves….on Friday….I was washing some dishes and happened to look out the window and saw snowflakes falling the size of ‘shoes’…..

    : D

    take care

  4. Love your pictures! We still haven’t had any snow, just plenty of ice. Glad you made it to your appointment despite the snowy path.

    Your sister’s place looks quite elegant. White anything would never make it in my house.

    ACfH indeed has turned into a beautiful cat, they all are gorgeous cats.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Oh so much to say…

    The photos are wonderful. I just think the white lounge room is so elegant.Bet they dont have kittens.cats trying to destroy it, LOL

    Your kids are soooo cute.Gotta love thats tummy*grin*while sunning!! Someone said it was a pity cats dont have fun in the snow like dogs,LOL….cats have more sense!!

    The snowman. At first I was thinking you didnt a very good job, but then I read why. You going to build me one and post it here.Lets see how good you are at this.

    The ring?? THE Ring?? THE ring?

    (it’s beautiful)


  6. "The nurses were laughing among themselves that two of the other patients, who were "big, brawny men" and lived only ten minutes away from the hospital, had cancelled."

    I wonder if proximity makes them value it less?

    Cute snowman! 🙂 Beautiful ring. Are you considering it engagement?

  7. this place is just chock full of goodies!! beautiful pictures and……..the one ring!!! congratulations. it’s beautiful! keep it secret (well, maybe not); keep it safe.

    that acfh certainly is a lovely young lady and your sister’s place is gorgeous.

  8. Somehow I missed seeing the ring when I read this entry before… It is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Also, I love the drapes and the throw rug in your sister’s white room.


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