I’m nosey and it’s driving me nuts.

I have a diligent reader at a bank. Specifically, a bank that once had local offices, but now has been purchased by another, bigger bank. And perhaps it’s not one, but two diligent readers. Nearly every entry I write is honored by two visits from this bank’s server that appear on my site meter nearly simultaneously.

You needn’t reveal yourselves to me, whoever you are. I just thought I’d mention that you are driving me nuts trying to figure out who it might be.

I really need to get a life.

Nearly forgot: Current musical accompaniment is “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” sung by some Motown girl group or another.

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  1. the nurses probably spoil O’Beast, he’s too darned cute! i hope they cut you some slack and buy lunch for you and the rest of the crew. that would be a nice gesture.

  2. OMG, poor Pali!

    I now understand the death by caroling. What an awful noise to listen to day in, day out.

    I listen to a classical station for my Christmas fix =)

    LOL@Beach Boys

  3. My guess is two people at the same bank that love your diary…I can just picture them discussing you slowly going crazy while listening to Christmas Carols. I imagine they check in each day to see how much closer you are to complete insanity.


    Oops maybe I revealed too much about my own reading habits. LOL! Silver bells…..

  4. *[current musical accompaniment: I have no fricken idea, but it sounds like it was ripped out of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about Tiny Tim]*

    Ya know, I can actually hear that in my head, and it’s fricken awful! How I pity you in your working environment. Perhaps you should give this person a set of headphones (cheap ones that pinch his/her head too tightly and cause pounding headaches)? They deserve it! Sort of like a lump of coal only less benign.


  5. There’s this cartoon that plays here called "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast." It has this little girl as the main character (Maggie) and she’s always saying, "Oh, Beast." to this monster type animal. Every time she says it I think of your OBeast.

    Could you send me a calculator? I need one. Every time I have to figure out something I wind up adding up numbers on the back of telephone bills. (I’m running low on scrap paper. Maybe you could send me a pad of paper as well.)

  6. KimiCat’s vet made the taking of urine look easy. And Kimicat was not the most obliging of creatures.

    Oh, I hate those "songs" you’re suffering. My personal cure: play some magnificent traditional music like Vivaldi’s Gloria *loudly* and *repeatedly*. Vivaldi, Corelli and Monteverdi are all wonderful for this.

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