Cell phones and Questions

Woo and hoo. This Salamander finally did something right. Even if it was by accident.

Last May I lost my cell phone for the first time. I knew exactly where it had to be, but it never turned up. I offer up my excuse that I lost it exactly a week before I got my new liver. My brain wasn’t exactly in prime operating condition.

Anyhow, I went into Cingular (my carrier), reported it lost, and purchased a new one. I really wanted to give it some more time for the lost phone to turn up, but the cell phone was my direct link to the hospital, and I couldn’t afford to be without it. I could very well end up missing the phone call if I didn’t have my cell phone on me at all times. So I shelled out the requisite money to purchase the phone. While there, I allowed Mr. Cingular to talk me into extending my plan with them (it made the cell phone cheaper). I probably shouldn’t have done that, since I didn’t know if I was really going to be around for the full extra two years I signed up for, but hey, what can I say? My brain wasn’t exactly in prime operating condition at the time.

Last night I pulled out all my receipts in preparation for going in to Cingular after work today to buy yet another replacement for my cell phone. I glanced over the sales receipt from last May and Lo!, there, the first item on the list of things I purchased, was CELL PHONE INSURANCE! I have no recollection of purchasing that, but hey, what can I say. My brain wasn’t exactly in prime operating condition at the time.

It would appear that, in his over-exuberant zeal to sell to a poor, feeble woman who was obviously distraught and vulnerable, Mr. Cingular managed to sell some cheap insurance. Cheap insurance that will now cover the complete cost of replacing the phone! I am overjoyed well out of proportion to the event. This is the first break I’ve had in a week’s time, and I’m totally psyched.

So tonight I march my little self into Cingular, present them with my bill of sales, and get my replacement phone. I may even inquire about upgrading my phone. If it’s affordable, I want one of the new flip-top numbers that can slide into my pocket. If the thing isn’t clipped to me, but snugly in my pocket or purse, I can’t lose it. Oh, OK, I’m less likely to loose it. Well, what can I say? My brain still isn’t exactly in prime operating condition, apparently.

In answer to a couple of questions:

From: TraumaMama
Here’s hoping your day improves. Have you asked KfH where your cell phone is?

You know, I spent nearly half an hour doing a search on the net for a cartoon of a cat/kitten on a cell phone, and couldn’t find one. Not a cartoon, not a doctored picture, not even a good text reference. So my well-planned response of showing The Grey Menace running up my phone bill was all for naught. In all seriousness though, I know where I must have lost my phone this time too. I’m almost positive it was in a restaurant, and if it hasn’t been turning in by now, then I’m never going to see it again. There were no phone calls on it since I lost it though, so if it was taken, the person took it for the phone itself, not for the privilege of making calls on it.

From: MoonriddenGirl
Can you speak to the birds directly?

Nope. The plan, you see, remains to give the two little birds the axe. No one has gotten around to telling the little birds yet, though. And there is no way in *BLEEP!* that I have any intention of letting the news slip, especially if there is (an ever increasing) hope that they may not be axed after a bunch of people cool down. I’m sitting tight, intervening only when appropriate to attempt to justify the birds’ actions, and hoping that whatever is holding up my company from executing their plan continues to hold them up.

I’m caught between two responsibilities. I need to see that any confidences my company has said to me remain private. I cannot break security around here, even over this. And yet, I cannot simply watch as one of the two birds gets axed for acting in a very brave and appropriate matter on something that could have been a huge issue. Ethics pretty much dictates that if my company takes a punitive action on this, and then moves to make me benefit from that action, I’ll have to turn down the new assignment. I assure you, they will not understand my action.

I’m feeling calmer about the situation now. That has a good deal to do with having made steps to get my resume in order, having made initial contacts with several potential employers, and realizing that, if I have to, I can flip burgers for a living and still hold my head up. Things will be OK. And if I don’t sell myself out over this, I’ll be OK too.

Interesting. There’s a conference going on two doors down from me. They’ve left all the doors open, and I can overhear clearly. The Mouth is once again poaching on my territory. I hope she’s enjoying herself. This kingdom may well be hers someday after all.

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