More on Bereavement Fares.

I like to check in with my site meter once in a while, and see who’s been visiting and how they found their way here. Some IP#’s have become old friends, and while I can’t rattle anybody’s number off from memory yet, I do now recognize a few old stalwarts, like McMurdo or a couple of the .gov types. I especially like checking to see how the search engines found me.

I had a hit this morning from somebody Googling for bereavement fares. His same search (key words:”united airlines” “bereavement fare” ) turned up this article: Four misleading travel expressions
‘All-inclusive,’ ‘duty free,’ ‘four-star hotel’ can be unclear
, by Peter Greenberg, NBC Today Travel Editor.

Wish I’d seen that before I wasted an hour on phone calls.

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