Thanks to Yarngirl!

For those of you who come here via a notify, I should point out that Yarngirl is the only person who submitted a response to my plea that someone confirm that the wrong notify message is going out on my entries.

I’ve suspected it for a while, and a few people previously asked me about it, but the problem had been fixed, or so I thought. It has either returned, or it never went away. Regardless, it seems that my “I’ve changed my entry” message is going out instead of my “I made a new entry” message.

Yarngirl’s reward is prominent mention in the first paragraphs of my entry, and in my title. You might even want to check out her diary, as she is obviously a very astute observer of the things around her (like notify lists).

I advance ordered Babylon 5 fifth season from Amazon a few months ago. Season 5 was released yesterday, so I expected to get it Thursday (shipping via 2 day UPS). To my joy, delight, amazement, and glee, Amazon shipped it Monday, and UPS surpassed themselves, getting the package to me on Tuesday. So, on the day of its release, I had B5S5 in my greedy little mitts.

This was the season when Warner Brothers dropped B5 and TNT network picked it up for its final season (the story arc had always been planned to be five years in length). Since TNT was a cable network, and I did not get cable at the time, there is a huge hole in my mind where the fifth season should have been but wasn’t. This is now on the way to being cured. The Socialist and I watched episode one last night, and I’m now torn between plowing through the rest of the episodes as quickly as possible or stretching them out for as long as I can. Right now the plan is to make them last for as long as possible, but that was my plan with the previous four seasons, and somehow it never seems to work out that way.

Still reading? It turns out that Babylon 5 was the high point of my day yesterday. Which means you’ve not only wasted the time it took to read the first two paragraphs, you’ve now wasted yet fifteen seconds more of your precious time reading about how you’re wasting your precious time.

Still here? You’ve got to be kidding.

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  1. I guess it doesn’t count if you replied to the email instead eh?! 😉

    Your high point yesterday was higher than mine, I’m sad to say. Sigh, I’m so lazy.

  2. I’m off to a slow start this morning. I enjoyed that extra fifteen seconds. It gave me a chance to finish my tea before I have to get up and get to work around here. 🙂

  3. Erm… I’m in the same boat with Toxicepiphany. I saw it, then saw Yarngirl’s reply and figured that you didn’t need a second reply with confirmation that the wrong message is (still) coming through. It was fixed for a while, though, I think. It may seem silly, but I’m actually on my own notify list just so I can see what gets sent.


  4. I noticed it but was rudely interrupted by an anxiety attack before I could respond. It must have just happened again because I have been getting your regular notify until yesterday.

  5. Hi there!

    I’m glad to hear the "notify" message saga has come to an end. Sounds like it was giving you quite some trouble.

    Things on this side are all right. The phone hasn’t rang yet – so I’m getting more and more hopeful :D!

    Take care and thanks for your concern,


  6. See there are all these moral type dilemmas involved with a pet. I think thats how come I stick to my stuffed people. Yoou’re right though about the spaying, neutering comments that would be mean.


    and I had to read about babylon five to get to write this. I hope you admire my dedication.

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