Reddish-Brown Staghorn Beetle

I owe an update. It’s been difficult to type with my arm in pain, and I’ve been busy with the usual stuff (I did make it to writing class last night). I’ll try to get something more substantial updated this evening. And Justaman, I’ve not forgotten your question. I promise to get back to you by tonight as well.

For a teaser, I leave you this picture that I took last night of the little guy who I almost squished getting out of my car when I returned from class yesterday evening. He was about an inch and a half long, and apparently very lost in the middle of our parking lot. I picked him up, took a few pictures against a white background that I could play with in Photoshop and then let him go under my planters. The Socialist and I looked for him a half an hour after I released him, but he was gone. We ran out for a quick late dinner, and when we got back Buggy was upside down on my doorstep. I’ve no idea how he got there, but I did another release with him, this time into my garden.

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