The Weekend after the Election Before

It’s a lazy weekend. I do not want to think, therefore I choose not to think. I’ve expended too much wasted energy in thought lately. Better to go numb.

Clueless had a check-up at the vet’s yesterday. He’s eating better, and gained three ounces last week. I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around the idea that I once celebrated taking pounds off this animal, and now celebrate putting ounces back on. Life can be weird. The current regimen of Baytril seems to have done the trick, or at least improved things. He’s got a little over a week to go on the antibiotic, and then we figure out where to go from here. The vet is now saying kidney function, but I’m not completely buying into it yet. His numbers just weren’t that bad to produce the vomitting and lethargy we were seeing. Still, the bottom line is that I don’t care what it is, just so long as we cure it. And CW is doing better, at least for the moment. I’ll hold onto that and continue to hope.

The Socialist purchased a copy of Shrek 2 on sale yesterday, and we watched it last night. I can’t say I thought the “new surprise” Far Far Away Idol ending was any great shakes, but it was funny enough to watch once.

I think I’ve got a new favorite Pixar film though. We went (at my insistence) and saw “The Incredibles” on opening night Friday. I can’t think of a single reason that anyone would not totally love this movie. I know there is a “multiple-view” requirement on it for me. There was just too much too fast, and I know I missed a lot of jokes. It’s an action movie, a family values movie, a state of the world movie, and the best damned animation movie to date, all rolled into one. Maybe this was what Bush meant when he said the nation all had to unite again, and unite behind a common cause.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the best part of fall is coming to an end in our parts, and the prelude to winder has begun. There are still a few trees out there with crowns of ruby or citrine out there, but the winds of the past week have largely denuded the majority of the trees. This year’s garden has been uprooted, and the morning glory vines stripped from their fence. We’ll be moving in late winter, and this weill have been my last year here at this apartment. I felt a little sad about that, but I’m anxious to be gone at the same time. I’ll have more land, a bigger place, and a shorter ride to work, and all this for less money, so there’s no reason to stay.

Besides, the place has a spiral staircase. The cats are going to love that!

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  1. Hooray for CW’s improved health! I just went to see the new cat animation film from the director of the AMAZING "Spirited Away" and it made me think about Clueless and wonder how he’s doing.

  2. Glad CW is feeling a little better, and you less stressed over him. I hope he continues to get better, whatever the cause.

    Shrek2…..what a great movie. We got a copy on the weekend also, as it was only released here a few days ago, and it was a hoot. I too wasn’t that impressed with the shrek2, funny but once was enough!!

    A spiral staircase. I am sure you got that place especially for the kitties!! *smiles*

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing that movie. We will be taking the kids to it next week for #3’s birthday.

    Winter moves are OK, but I prefer late spring through early fall moves so the house doesn’t get too cold from leaving all the doors open while boxes and furniture are brought in!

    Oh well, it sounds like we are both making positive moves this winter!


  4. i’m so glad clueless is hanging in there! kiss his little kitty head for me.

    this is an intra/interstate move, isn’t it? if not, i totally understand.

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