I love lazy Saturdays. I love being the only one up and awake. I love watching drowsing cats sunning themselves in the checkerboard patterns of sunlight on the kitchen floor during their period of post-prandial morning bliss. I love that initial buzz from a really good cup of coffee that opens my eyes up to these things and gives me the chance to sink into the moment and appreciate what surrounds me.

In the face of all that is wrong and evil in the world, I have my little slice of what is right.

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  1. That sounds so inviting. I love the morning best. The way the sun reflects from tree leaves is different somehow from the way it looks the rest of the day. I love that drowsy yet clear-headed feeling before body temperature and blood pressure become too intense. I enjoy watching our Dog sleep, too. He seems so soft and gentle, not full of elbows and toenails and two tons of weight like he actually is when he tries to be a lap dog.

    Thanks for reminding me how good it can be.

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