Into Each Life a Little Monsoon Must Fall

Just got home from the hospital last night. Diagnosis: Severe gastroenteritis of unknown bacterial cause, responsive to Amoxicillin; Cellulitis of unknown origin (probably related to gastroenteritis), also responsive to Amoxicillin.

As The Prof says, the things I do to get attention.

I was with Dr. Roo at our favorite meeting spot Saturday, getting ready to have a mid-afternoon meal. I was feeling odd, but put it down to the usual irritable bowel disease stuff I’ve gotten used to. It’s kicked up pretty badly again since my lay-off (go figure). About twenty minutes after eating though I had a rather violent attack of diarrhea, became light headed, and started sweating. Against Dr. Roo’s protests that I shouldn’t be driving, I took myself home. There I got progressively sicker, with diarrhea, vomiting, and fevers that spiked to a new personal high: 104.1°F (40°C in you more forward thinking countries). Sunday night I gave up the pretense that this was just a passing thing and called my transplant coordinator, convinced I was having a rejection episode.

This is why veterinarians should never self-diagnose.

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  1. I have had cellulitis before when I was seventeen and it was VERY painful along with abdominal pains that were just as bad. The cellulitis was in my left foot and crept up my leg and I was put on Amoxicillin for it and it was responsive. I feel real bad that you have this trouble yourself and I do hope that you feel better real soon.

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