The First Anneal

Nothing sagged, nothing busted, nothing etched. Not bad for a first try.

The first batch of beads through the kiln.

Effetre White with blue/purple twisted dots melted in.

Effetre clear wrapped with Effetre Grass vine, melted into tube
with raised twist-flower unknown light blue.

My white fish with the Nyx dots that developed a neat silver
line around the dots. Gotta get more Nyx.

CIM Peacock base with CIM Zachary spiral. I like the color reaction
between the two that makes the pale blue line between the colors. I’ll
be playing more with that too.

Effetre clear with blue swirl dots melted in then center punctured and encased. Sometimes this works, and sometimes I mess this technique up
big time. Yet another technique to work more with.

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