After Midnight

It’s been a hard week for The Prof. We’ve lost cats before, but sometimes there’s a once-in-a-lifetime bond that forms between a two living beings that is both inexplicable and undeniable. That was Middy and The Prof.

He currently marks the time elapsed from Easter evening, when we gave Midnight her release from suffering, by the hours and days. Last night this time she was still alive; last week this time she raised her head and mewed when we visited, ten days ago she was home and she went for her last walk outside on a leash; two weeks ago she still ate a little on her own. If the heart were an egg, mine would be a whipped omelette by now, watching him go through this and re-experiencing it all again through him.

He’s been going through a decade’s worth of jpeg’s, pictures taken since the first hour Midnight came home to us through last month. I tend to take too many pictures of the cats, so reviewing them all is a huge undertaking. I think it’s helped some, since each picture is a reminder of how well she lived her life.

As for me, I’ve been listening to the CD “A Cat Shaped Hole In My Heart”, a collection I purchased many years ago when I lost George of the Jungle. It helps a little.

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  1. Sorry for your loss of Midnight kitty. What you did for her – givibf her a home, watched her grow and mature, and letting her go so she didn’t suffer was the greatest gift for her. When we lose q loved one – a pet who is a family member it is definitely a ♥ breaking moment.

    Last night I dreamt of my Emilee who has been done since Nov 14,2006 alive and well and following me around and getting lost, I had a feeling of happiness in the dream and anxiety when she disappeared for good. Waking up to reality with my Bing Crosby 2on my lap gave me peace.

    Grieve and remember the good times you had with Midnight kitty. Your whole in the heart shaped like a kitty cat will fill up again in time and you will never forget the love Midnight, you, the Prof, and other kitties will always remain

  2. I wish I had the magic words to ease your pain and that of the Prof. I only know that I fervently hope that of all the death myths in our culture, The Rainbow Bridge is the true one. It would truly be heaven for me if I could be with all my beloved fur babies forever without knowing want, pain or fear. We would need an incredibly LARGE bed, though! 🙂

  3. I was so sorry to read this. Poor kitty, and poor you guys. You of course did the right thing, but that’s little comfort, I imagine. I hope the pain eases soon while the memories remain bright somehow.

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