A brief weekend review.

Saw Fellowship of the Ring again Saturday (fifth time). It amazes me how a three hour movie can go by so quickly, when I have been known to get terminally restless during certain two hour movies. (I don’t care how good The Prof claims it is, I will never sit through Army of the Dead again. Never.) I’ve read Lord of the Rings countless times, and am fascinated with how Peter Jackson managed to capture the essential elements of the books so well, even when he had to deviate from the plot as written by Tolkien. And I’m sorry, MWUFFLTHB, but that IS a car in the background of the scarecrow scene. I checked out the tack on the Nazgul’s mounts this time very carefully, and it doesn’t have enough shiney metal on it to make a glint in the sunlight like that.

Sunday we met up with The Prof’s aunt and uncle, who are in town from Oregon to show their wares at a crafts show at the Convention Center. In an interesting twist of fate, this year it is The Prof’s aunt who has ruptured some tendons in her leg (last year I was hobbling around the show on crutches because I’d ruptured my plantaris tendon … long story). I wandered the booths, looking at mostly useless stuff that I didn’t have money for anyhow. There was one gorgeous room divider – a three panel stained glass screen with the modest price tag of $3000. Not a good idea to buy one of those with a Kitten from Hell in residence, but it was still a marvelous piece of eye candy.

I’ll be entertaining the aunt and uncle this weekend – they arrive Friday night and will leave Sunday afternoon. They are fun people, but can be trying in large doses. I have no idea how I’m going to keep them amused, especially since the aunt has a bunch of ruptured tendons in her foot. Oh well. I have all week to work something out.

Checking my hits to see if my favorite spider has gone away, I note that I now have 27 hits from scooter15.sv.av.com. Looks like today is Alta Vista’s turn to scrape info out of my journal. Talk about desperate! Although it might be funny to see some of my magnetic poetry turns up on the web.

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