Why do I persist with these things?

D’uh? I chose my favorite color as grass green, my favorite container was a keg, and I noted that caffeine is necessary, and I get this?:

Made by many not-so-well-known companies you really don’t get the praise or popularity you deserve. Fruit, refreshing, and orange. Now if you weren’t caffeine-free I might drink more of you.

Find your inner cola.

Can we say “short circuit in the coding” boys and girls?

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  1. I do those petty things to hubby. One of the kids cry….knee to his back

    "your turn"

    I roll over and go back to sleep.

    Yes petty, but Daddy’s should share the joy of midnight comforting too.


  2. I get visual disturbances with my migraines, but nothing like that. What I do get is scary enough–when it happens when I’m driving or such. Yikes. I can’t even imagine what happens with yours. Good luck dealing with them. I hope you find some more current information.

    A groups.google search didn’t disclose much, but did make me wonder if your headaches have an AKA. I found one site on "ocular migraines" which seemed to suggest that it encompasses both those migranes caused by blood flow problems to the eye and to the brain. Obviously, you’d know better than I do whether this includes you or not. Here’s one site that describes "ocular migraines": http://www.eyeguys.net/ocularmigraine.html.

    Another syndrome that may be analogous is "transient migrainous accompaniments," or "transient migraine accompaniments," which describes migraine symptoms without the migraine. Several sites say this is most common after age 50, but since one describes how it manifests in children, it’s obviously not only. Vomiting and stomach pain are the common manifestations in children, while visual disturbances are more common in adults.

    Meanwhile, I don’t know if either of -these- sites will help you, because I couldn’t find anything relevant to your condition on them with a brief search, but I like ’em: http://imigraine.net/migraine/ and http://www.ama-assn.org/special/migraine/index.htm/

  3. egad, woman, that sounds scary. i hope you’ve mentioned this recent occurrence to your doktor. i used to get migraines and have experienced auras before. i had one not long ago that was triggered by a rug, but i didn’t get a headache.

    don’t feel guilty about giving the prof some of his own medicine…..especially if he gets to sleep in, anyway 😉

  4. Just stopping by to say "hi". Hope your vision gets back to normal soon. My son has had episodes like that only he loses his vision for awhile. He also has a history of migraines.

    I can relate to your feelings concerning your cats. I enjoy the ones around here also most of the time, but sometimes…..

    have a great day.


  5. i took that role model test, and i didn’t get a match…..just a screen that said, ‘people like you don’t become famous. check back in 3212.’ 🙁

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