The Cost of

Replacing a driver’s license : $24.00

Replacing an owner’s card : $18.50

Getting a new Medic Alert bracelet: $30.00 (unless I upgrade to gold, which I’ve always wanted to do – then it’s at least $80.00)

Getting a new card case : I think I’ll skip that

Total: : 72.50

Value of a kitten’s love : Priceless

ACfH would make a great credit card commercial.

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  1. Hunkka-hunkka does not want me to take the job.

    This job is something that I love doing, and I know I would continue to enjoy it to retirement.

    The threat of me being deployed away from home is the main reason I got out of the Guard in the first place 2 years ago. I did not want to get out, but did so for my kids.

    My kids are the reason I stopped working just about 2 months ago and became a full time Mom.

    I love my kids, but I love the work I know how to do.

    Of course none of this would be an issue if Hunkka-hunkka made enough to support us, but Uncle Sam does not pay the military well, even with military housing and medical bennies.


  2. Hubby and I are both fairly spiritual people. While we do not belong to or even attend any type of church on a regular basis, we do still have close relationships with God.

    I see this as an opportunity from God to fill exactly a need I have. He sees this as a temptation to determine whether my priorities are to my family or to myself (he did not specify who he thought was doing the tempting).

    I fully believe that God never gives us more than we can handle. Whether we choose to handle it or not is a different issue.

    While I don’t believe God would test me, my philosophy gives credence to another who may.

    Hence the internal conflicts.

    This would be so much easier if I was an Atheist or Agnostic.

  3. Hmmmmm – J and I played fetch with Shaka last night.

    Every time he retrieved the empty hearing aid battery bubble pack, he quite deftly dropped it into J’s shoe (without J’s foot in it, of course:).

    Check your shoes and underneath all furniture.

    _|m/ ADM

  4. What keeps us parents going, or at least what I think keeps us going, is the knowledge that children evolve past such behavior and that if we hold on long enough the little person who flushed our social security cards down the toilet will someday buy us chocolates and vapid but expensive cards for mother’s day instead. Cats, alas, never reach this point. Unless they go into commercials, where you can do it in their behalf.

    Something to consider. KfH already has a fan club….

  5. Well, I am *still* not on your notify list, and am waiting for some Atomic person to help me out.

    ACfH is something else! My first thought was that she’d dumped it in her water bowl–I looked at your photos last night on the Album. You have got the healthiest-looking cats! They’re beautiful, too.



  6. Well, I bet you find the cards,

    AFTER you’ve replaced them. 🙂

    Cats can act in a loving way.

    I wonder what their thoughts are?

    I probably shouldn’t ask.

    _|m/ ADM

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