Snow, kittens, livers and opening nights.

Oh it snowed last night

… snowed last night

The snowbears had a pillow fight

They tore up every cloud in sight

And down it came all snowy white

Oh it snowed last night

… snowed last night ….

-song I remember singing in elementary school

Well, it didn’t exactly snow last night. It was more like early morning, extending through to nightfall. We got eight or nine inches, I think. This morning’s drive to work was awful – what usually takes me thirty-five minutes took an hour and forty minutes.

One of the roads I take to work is designed somewhat like a roller-coaster, with lots of ups and downs. I was giving the guy ahead of me plenty of space between us, so that I could work up a decent head of speed going down-hill (sometimes I got up to 25 miles an hour) and get a good start on the up-hill immediately following. A white SUV pulled out ahead of me from a side road (no problem, since there was plenty of room for him) and then proceded to act like a total moron. He was going way too fast for conditions, and on the next up-hill he caught up to the car ahead of him and had to brake.

This, of course was the kiss of death. Having lost his momentum, he wasn’t able to get up the hill. In his efforts to get started again, he ended up sliding sideways, and then slipping sideways down the hill he was trying to get up. Of course, this put him in a trajectory directly towards me. Fortunately, I was still on the up-hill side of things, and he stalled out of momentum when he hit apogee. Gunning it, he made up up the hill on his second attempt, but the sight of him sliding sideways at me was locked into my cranium all morning.

We put in a full day today, and I spent much of the time at my desk watching the depth of snow increase and wondering how I’d make it home, since I had so much trouble coming in. I even made tentative arrangements to stay at my sister’s place, which is only about seven miles from work. It turns out that wasn’t necessary though; I practically had the roads to myself when I left at five, and while the roads themselves weren’t anything to brag about, navigating was easy when I didn’t have to play dodgeball with idiots who are convinced that SUV means Snowfall Ultimate Velocity. Dorks.

When I got home I discovered that the management at my apartment complex is a bit clueless as to snow removal. Part of the problem is that parking is at a premium here, so the lot is full of cars when the plow attempts to do its thing. I found it a tad ironic that I survived my hour long trip home only to find no place to park upon my arrival. The Socialist helped me dig out a spot to leave my car, but I’m parked in outer Jibip. I guess I shouldn’t complain though, since I’m still at least in the same county as my apartment. Barely.

Before taking off my coat and boots, I grabbed the kitten, put a harness and leash on her, and took her outside for her first shot at real snow. At first she seemed entranced, leaping through snow that was well over the belly-line. Soon she started to chitter and shiver though, and I brought her back in. I wish I’d gotten pictures of her in the snow, but of course I didn’t think of that until it was too late. I’m still not sure if she enjoyed herself or not, but being a cat, she’ll still get mileage out of her adventure by complaining about it the rest of the night, regardless of whether or not she had fun.

The sisters have made an appointment to see the head of the liver transplant department at the Big City Hospital next Friday. I’d wanted to go with them, but they said it was just an orientation, and not to bother. I’m a little suspicious, but I’ll let them do their thing. I’ll be curious to hear their reports back on what transpires, though.

Only thirteen days until The Two Towers opens. And I just realized that the Socialist can’t go see it that night – he’s giving a final. Decisions, decisions. Do I go myself, or should I be polite and wait for him? I really, really, really want to see it opening night. This decision making process could end up being really traumatic.

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  1. I have a final that day. I explained to my professor quite patiently at the semester’s beginning that under no circumstances should a final be given on this most glorious of days. (That heinous bitch.)

    Anyway… go twice!

  2. We don’t get snow here but those SUV drivers don’t seem to operate well on flat dry roads either.

    Didn’t the other two cats object to little cat being favored for a walk in the snow or did they peer out the window and laugh at her shivers?

  3. i’d wait on the two towers since you don’t have a rl twin to pawn off on the soc.

    kitty’s first snow….oh, the milestones! did you explain to her what a bitch that stuff is for driving and walking? i’m so, soo glad you made it back safe. you are on a row, chica.

  4. Your storm has been all over the news here! How fun letting the kitten check out snow—KfH2 will most likely get a chance in Jan or Feb for that.

    Regarding the movie, boy, that is a tough one. Maybe you could sneak seeing it, then see it for the "first" time with him?

    Most of all, glad the sisters are getting the ball rolling!!!!!

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