Enterprise and Tequila

I’m still experiencing some lingering disappointment that I have to wait until Monday to get my paracentesis. I slept better last night than previously, but I still didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I think I’m finally just succumbing to exhaustion.

I stayed up a little longer than I intended, after finding out that “Enterprise” was a new episode. The plot was painfully close to “Enemy Mine”, except that the alien didn’t end up having a baby and dying. The best part of the episode was when Trip (Tripp? I have no idea how to spell his name) was trying to talk to the alien when neither knew a word of the other’s language. Trip(p) made the observation that it was like “trying to talk to Porthos”. For those of you not into Enterprise, Porthos is the Captain’s beagle. Since I’ve felt that the idea of the Captain having his pet beagle with him in space was ill-conceived, poorly used and just plain ludicrous, having the show take a snipe at the dog tickled me.

As I said, that was about the high point of the episode. Towards the end there were plot-holes big enough to fly a Borg Block through, which hasn’t been unusual with this series. (I ask you, if you have two guys stuck on a 140+ degree planet and a working transporter, and if you couldn’t beam the guys up because it might kill them, wouldn’t you at least beam down some water and a make-shift shelter for them so they could create a little shade?) I don’t know why I continue to watch that show.

The show ended at 9:00. and I set off for bed shortly after. The Socialist came into the room about 2:00 a.m., during one of my insomniac spells. The first thing he did after closing the door was apparently trip over something. I assumed it was one of my shoes and apologized. He climbed into bed, happy and talkative. I got a really nice back rub for a bit, and then rolled over. That’s when his breath hit me.

Good thing there were no open flames around.

“But I only had one Maguarita,” he protested. Turns out it was a hellovabig Marguarita.

The Socialist is one of those people who get sappy and happy when they have a buzz. He so seldom drinks that I think I’ve only seen him that way once before. He gets earnest and open and very loving. We ended up talking for nearly two hours about things in general, mostly my health situation. It ended up being a very good night. I do wish I could have slept in though.

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  1. some would protest that you most surely can talk to dogs–even when they’ve passed over.

    sounds like you had a good night, despite not being able to sleep in 8)

  2. My other half also gets sappy when he has had one.

    Well, let’s hope TONIGHT is the night for sleep. Even though I know you wanted it last night, I bet the two hours spent talking was benefical in it’s own way.

    So sorry you have to wait till Monday for your paracentisis (?).

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