He pled guilty.

The judge suspended sentencing pending psychological evaluation.

Daniel Culligan’s lawyer is pressing for community service and no jail time. The prosecuters are insisting that they’ll push for the maximum sentence.

Regardless of what happens, I have to think the letters the prosecution received made a difference. There has been no deal cut, and the press announcement stressed the animal abuse aspects of this case far more than it did the arson charge.

I’ll link to a story on the web as soon as I find one.

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  1. In defense of Smarty, we haven’t had a Triple Crown winner in almost 30 years, so the hubbub likely won’t die down, but escalate until gate time Saturday. As a kid I was glued to my TV for every televised race, and can remember watching and cheering home Affirmed in ’78. Now, not so much. The horse crazy kid is still inside of me, but he had to make room for Adult Alli, who spends more time dreaming about horses than actively searching out every opportunity to watch them!

    On the other hand, I too would be more anxious to hear "real news" rather than "speculative news”.


  2. As per your convincing request, pictures have been posted on both my diary and the forums. :oP

    I never had kindergarten graduation, but I had 8th grade. I think it’s a bigger deal when you are switching schools, but kindergarten graduation is just odd. I went from an 8th grade class of 28 to a graduating high school class of 447 (our school had the highest pregnancy rate in the QC, so you can guess how many more people we had who dropped out). My sister had K grad because that’s how this elementary school works, but she didn’t switch buildings (K-8 is in the same building), so I thought it was just unneccessary.

    My mom and I have watched the Triple Crown ever since I can remember, and I hope one day we can go to all of the races. I would love to be able to take her.

    All I have to say about that man and that poor cat…

    …he’s lucky I don’t know where he lives and that I don’t have air fare for a quick trip…

    I HATE it when people abuse animals. It’s just irritating, and I wish they got a harsher penalty. Animals are like family to me, and I wish they’d get the same punishment as people who murder humans.

  3. Even big-game hunters, who kill for fun, no matter what you else you may say about them, try to kill with one shot, so as not to torment the animal.

    A taste for cruelty is a sign that the guy is just plain evilly malicious or else not right upstairs. I feel frightened for the folks in the community whom he is going to "serve." He needs some serious fixing before he helps anyone else.

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