Clueless takes the day off

Quiet Christmas
I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the radio is on
But we don’t listen
To hear carols about snow.

I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas
Please let retailers see the light.
May your days be merry and bright!
And to all a very Silent Night.

What can I say? Yeah, it’s post-Thanksgiving (barely). Can’t we just give it a rest until say a week into December though?

I ended up not taking Clueless to work this morning. I had forgotten that I’d arranged a meeting with two department heads in my office for this afternoon. When I remembered last night I realized that Plan A wasn’t going to work. I fell back on Plan B instead – we ended up having a shorter day at work than usual and I got home a couple of hours ahead of when I thought I would. I have time to change, write a diary entry, and even watch a bit of telivision if I so choose until it’s time for Clueless and Destiny to collide.

Tonight’s visit is a simple urine culture and weigh in. I noticed this evening that both Clueless and Warrior Princess have somewhat injected sclera (red-eye) and so I might ask them to take a quick look at that while I’m there. They are both probably just fighting off a case of the kitty sniffles, but with everything else going on in Clueless’s life at the moment, I’d rather play it safe than sorry.

I have to work the traditional Thanksgiving Saturday tomorrow. It doesn’t look as if it will be a very long day, but I still hate the thought of losing my Saturday. Still, all is not in vain. Tomorrow is the day I traditionally put up the Christmas lights on my office.

My office is in a tiny little box annex at the west side of the main building. I’ve been in it for the last five years, and each year I’ve gotten progressively more intensive with the Christmas lights. At first I settled for putting them outside my window and up the railing to the stairs that lead to my door. This year I should have enough lights to cover the entire front of our little building. I’ve even gotten a donation of icicle lights for the gutter! Few people from my company ever come out my way, so few people actually get to appreciate the display, but it keeps me amused.

I suppose that once the lights are up, I’ll be in better cheer regarding carols. I still think it’s too damned early though.

I haven’t spoken much about the Diet recently. I think it’s mostly because I don’t want to jinx anything. As of Wednesday I’ve officially lost twenty pounds though. I suspect that Thursday may have created a slight set-back on this, but the only cheat I did was two small sweet potatoes and some burnt marshmallow, so perhaps I won’t require much in the way of damage control.

Ah yes. I suppose you’re wonder about the burnt marshmallow bit. Well, The Socialist like sweet potato casserole with mini-marshmallow topping. Anyhow, I hate cooking with gas. Always have, always will. Thank heaven the place we’re moving into in February has an electric range. I’m looking forward to being able to control the temperature of things again.

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  1. Terrific news! It’s amazing how fast it comes off.

    I’ll swap your gas range for my electric one. The electric ones take too long to heat up and cool off for me. Plus there’s my oven which runs about 25 degrees too cool, but that’s of course not the fault of the electricity.

  2. My mom had an electric range/oven, but when I moved out on my own I had gas ovens and prpane grills exclusively until moving to TX. I have to say, I always did better with gas, although I’m getting better with ol’ sparky here in Dallas.

  3. I read your comment on KiwiKimi’s diary. A 5’5" ceiling, eh? That’s PLENTY of head room for yourself! Surely you could even do jumping jacks with plenty of clearance.

  4. Congrats on the 20# loss!

    I told my partner that I am going to enjoy working in a busy Portland suburb during the holiday season just to see all the lights and decorations. However, I could do with without the music in the stores…it’s already old. I still have resentment left over from last year I haven’t shaken. 😉

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