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Today is May 5th, 2001. Several weeks ago, I received my copies of the final divorce papers. My twenty-second wedding anniversary would have been in two weeks.

We never fought. We never cheated on each other. He loved me dearly and will probably never understand why I left him.

We never spoke at the dinner table. At night he would watch television. On weekends he had his projects and commitments elsewhere. How can you fight with someone who doesn’t talk to you? How can you stay married to a man you don’t know, with promises that you realize will never be kept?

In answering those questions, I’ve entered a world where questions I never knew to ask present themselves daily. I tackle them one at a time. Sometimes I even find answers.

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  1. Welcome to Dear Diary *safe hugs*

    *smiles* I found your diary through my new sis .. cuz you left a comment there (sunshinefiasco).

    It is so that it is time for you to put yourself first.. you deserve it. The plants .. the balcony … sound oh so beautiful.. and I bought the neatest thing that fits into my fireplace (since my fireplace does not work .. lol) it has I think 13 or so little holders for tea lights… it’s almost like a fire place cover… hard to explain now that I try .. lol .. but I can just picture it on your balcony. Anyway .. *waves hand* I ramble … it is so that I wish you much luck and much happiness. *smiles*




  2. Now I know I’ve seen this…. *somewhere* I know it. This can’t possibly be a H U G E case of deja vu .

    Could it?

    Please enlighten me… I’m too young to be losing my mind already

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