Chastising the Kitten from Hell

Candle, you made me laugh out loud with you comment regarding clapping hands to startle her. That used to work on KfH, but anymore she doesn’t notice unless the hands are actually within striking distance. Last night I clapped my hands when first I observed her monumental leap, and I swear she thought I was applauding, because she got up and took a bow. THAT’S when I ran for the squirt bottle.

Regarding my car, news has gotten out in the company about my close encounter of the animal kind, and I’ve gotten quite a few visitors out my way to survey the damage. You have to understand that this is a big place, and I’m parked in the most out-of-the-way hole possible here, so people are really going out of their way to view this. I’ve toyed with the idea of setting a guest book out on the hood for everybody to sign. I’ve also been looking for chalk so I could draw the outline of the beast in question on the asphalt next to my car, but nobody has any chalk in this entire company. I’m tempted to use a grease pencil, but that will have a little more permanent effect than what I’m going for.

The in-house insurance guy called to say that they’ll be repairing my car in our own body shop here at the plant. They fix our company trucks there. I don’t know whether to be pleased, or frightened.

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  1. LOL!!@wet cat butt! yep, my pumpkin head loves water, will sit in the sink when the tap is on! maybe you can borrow her to terrorize the kitten from hell….oops, almost wrote kitchen from hell, maybe a freudian slip after reading your husband’s new found hobby… 😉

  2. Sorry about your car! I just got into Indian and Thai cooking, and yes you really do need all those things. But a brand called Thai Kitchen has some really good green and red curry paste, along with peanut satay sauce.

    I have to admire a man trying to do something new to please his woman, even if it’s driving her nuts.

  3. Well, I’m sure the car dent and the "Kitten from Hell" aren’t doing much to improve your lingering bad mood. Maybe some good Indian food will put a smile on your face.

    Oh, something that sometimes works better than a squirt bottle for annoyingly bad cats is a loud clap of the hands. Scares the "Hell" out of them (so maybe that would leave you with a kitten, instead of a kitten from Hell. LOL)

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading your entries about the KfH and the professor. You have a way of making everything seem funny and interesting. Thanks for sharing…good luck with the car and the dentist…

    ~Quiet Evening

  5. Lentil soup…

    Anyway, i hope this cooking thing goes well. i am unfamiliar with Indian food (save its reputation for being spicy).

    i had a rather good joke in mind, and i seem to have forgotten it…drat.

  6. About the Indian Food. It does use a number of spices, but one thing that you can use and you don’t need the mortar and pestel is whats called "Garam Masala". Its basically all the spices mixed together. You can get it whole, or ground, at any Indian Grocer around. Also, all the spices like cumin, nutmeg etc o come in the ground variety also.

    Though the freshly ground spices taste a little better than the ready to use ground ones, the ready to use are a great help, and almost all modern Indian households use them. (This I know because I am Indian, and to date hae never ued a mortar and pestel to grind my spices)

    Good luck with the cooking

  7. Snood! Yes what a mind numbing game! I love it. 🙂 As for kitties, I find that a snap of my fingers and calling their name is usually effective. When they are particularly stubborn I will have to make the motions as though I’m going to get up and pound their butts.. but it never comes to that thank god! 🙂

  8. awwwww

    bummer about your car, did the ‘delivery’ die??

    also, i’d watch out for lentils, they’re great at giving you gas 😉

    hope the profs cuisinal exploits are successful and yup i bet that isn’t even a word


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