Musical Laziness

Music doesn’t make life worth living, but like spices added to cooking, it makes life taste better. I went into a local used/new CD store yesterday for Norha Jones “Feels Like Home”. They had it on sale there. I also walked out with Alan Parsons Project, two REM’s, a They Might be Giants, and a Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. My sound track for the first weekend of spring.

I got my hair done yesterday. My hairdresser, Michele, convinced me to go a shade deeper with the color. It’s still red, but with a more solid brown undertone. I had my doubts, but she’s never led me wrong yet. She didn’t lead me wrong this time either. She’s also talking me into letting it grow out a bit, so she’s got some length to work with. She had enough this time to manage a modified shag. I’ve still got a good perm left from my pre-Christmas experiment (I told you she was good), and there’s now enough body with the length to make my hair look soft rather than severe. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to learn to do more than blow dry my hair.

After errand running Saturday, I gave myself a gift of Sunday. I made myself a pot of coffee when I got up Sunday morning, which is a new affectation for me. I do not like coffee as a rule. I drink coffee when it’s been sufficiently disguised with sweetener and creameer that it no longer resembles coffee. I mistrust hard-core coffee drinkers, who as a rule are subject the rule of their morning caffeine, and who use failure to imbibe sufficient brew as an excuse to be irresponsible and scatter-brained. Yet I can certainly see why some poor souls get additicted. Since I drink coffee infrequently, when I do drink it there is a “high” from the initial kick of caffeine that, on a laid back kind of Sunday can border on decadent.

Armed with a large mug flavored with that vanilla creamer that has far too many calories in it, I parked my butt on the sofa and spent much of the day reading. A friend of work had passed “Round Ireland with a Fridge” by Tony Hawks on to me as a “must read”. I had my doubts, and so had been procrastinating reading it. Today I thought to finally skim through it so I could return the book. Instead of killing the book off quickly, I got sucked into the quirky little tale of bets made and adventures had. I’ve gotten past the part where they’ve taken the fridge surfing, and had it christened and then blessed. I still have a hundred pages to go, and I’m not sure it’ll be done in time to return the book tomorrow.

There is little else to write about my weekend. It was sedate, minimally productive, and over far to quickly. Little happened to write about, and for that reason alone I am loathe to see it end.

A couple of pictures, just because:

The Warrior Princess has taken up sunning in the kitchen on the kitchen table. I came out into the kitchen today to catch her sitting up and watching a few young children play outside in the parking lot. She obviously would have preferred that they play elsewhere. WP does not trust young children. I don’t blame her. I don’t either.

I got up to replenish my coffee at one point, and when I returnrd THIS was in my seat. She could have positioned herself in any one of a hundred other places, but she had to take my seat. Not only that, but she made it look like she’d been there forever, and I was the one who was taking over property she had already claimed. Smugness, thy name is “kitten”.

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  1. Oh my! The look on WP’s face is priceless. And yes, the kitten does look quite content.

    PS: They do make a no fat version of the vanilla flavoring, which I use, daily I might confess.

  2. Your placemats are the exact same ones that I’ve got!!! How cool is that?! And, you have a spice rack that’s just like one that I’d like to get.

    Anyway, just thought I’d mention that. Love the kitties.

  3. Awwwww, precious kitties.

    My sort-of-mate and I had a dispute tonight about cats. He claimed that ‘my’ cat peed on the bathroom rug. I claim ‘his’ cat hogs the bed to the point that I cannot sleep. ‘my’ dog is a freaking idiot who should be shot on sight. ‘our’ cat is a money pit. The other one is just not even worth talking about.

    At this point I feel like HE should be put to sleep so that I can live a normal life.

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