KfH’s New Trick.

I am coming to the frightening conclusion that there is no place in the apartment that Kitten from Hell cannot wreak havok in.

It has been my practice to put KfH in the master bathroom at her (and the other cats’) feeding time, when she’s been particularly bad, and when poor Clueless Wonder needs a break from being stalked and pounced on. I do this on the theory that the bathroom was the one kitten-proof, indestructible room in the house. KfH could chill out and reflect on her misdoings, and everyone else could relax a bit and not have to watch their backsides or the bottom of their shoes. This has worked fine since August. Apparently, though, the time has come to rethink this.

Kitten from Hell has a new trick:

Note that, while it is possible to rewind the roll, it doesn’t exactly come out looking like it did in the showroom:

As for me, I’ve gotten through this morning’s dental appointment with no physical scarring and minimal mental scarring. I’m a little worried about one of the blocks they performed on my mouth though. The novacaine should have worn off long ago, but part of my jaw is still completely numb. *grumble* I’ll give it another hour, and then call the office if the block still hasn’t worn off.

I was a bit of a naughty girl last night. The forum that I co-administer has been having Troll problems, and recently one of our regulars found another forum that the Trolls have been using to launch their attacks. I spammed them a bit with scholarly treatises regarding Troll psychology, how to deal with Trolls, and other Web Troll tidbits. Not enough to get them angry. Just enough to be a nuisance. Tonight I plan to go back and augment what I’ve done. Because of the format they are using, they should be unable to trace the (minimal) damage inflicted back to me. Others from our cyber-community have been doing similar antics on their board, I note. I know they could care less, but it makes me feel better. I retired around nine o’clock, shortly after I finished spamming their board and I slept pretty good last night. That’s probably due in part to the cough syrup, but I suspect it’s also because I finally had a little fun at the Trolls’ expense.

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  1. She’s so damn cute! But how in the world do you get her to keep her collar on? I had one on Jazz last Xmas – a red one that looked great on her black fur. She somehow got it off, and hid it so well it didn’t even turn up when we moved and packed everything up! Never found the damn thing. She’s so sneaky!

  2. That was priceless! I should’ve warned you about that trick – Jazz was quite fond of it in her first year! So was my cat Moses (who’s gone now) only he not only unrolled it but dragged it down the stairs (I had stairs back then) while it was still attached to the holder! I’ve got that picture somewhere…

  3. Hey there,

    Im making the diary rounds this AM. Sorry Im late on a answering. You asked about the background, it was just cause I liked it. So what significance does it hold? Id love to hear.

    Also awhile ago you had made some comment about me and the H and my diary not being password protected. I wasnt sure if you understood what I wrote then. People dont understand why I have a diary on a PUBLIC website. H doesnt have access to my password though, they just wondered why I didnt have a diary that was private from ALL. Hope that clears it up. 🙂

    Oh my the kitty pictures made me laugh. Hearing and seeing all these kitties makes me wanna sneeze , Im allergic to the furry things.

    🙂 take care

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