Looks like I’ve been to an S&M party.

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the song and group the title line is paraphrased from.

My arms are literally covered with bruises from carrying boxes around for the last week. I’m on coumadin, a blood thinner, so I do tend to bruise a little more easily than the average person. But this looks like I’ve been grabbed and beaten. Don’t know if my coumadin dose need adjusting, or if it’s related to some of the stomach problems I’ve been encountering in the last two weeks, but I’ve got a doctor’s appointment Wednesday to check that and a few other things out.

The move progresses too slowly for my liking. I was certain we’d be done yesterday, but somehow more stuff surfaced to be moved. I honestly think that today we’ll have it licked, though. The worst remaining at the old apartment is the larger framed pictures, which I’ll have to be very careful with. I also still need to clean the lower part of the refrigerator, and scrub the kitchen floor, but those are minor technicalities. They’ve always been kept pretty clean, so I don’t anticipate much problem in doing one last scrub-down.

Somehow I managed to lose my single bag of “important stuff” during the move. I put my personal toiletries, checks, and a few assorted odds and ends into a small plastic bag to hand-carry myself to the new place. Do you think I can find it now? Of course not. And with the end up the month upon us, I am backed into a corner. I need those checks. Today at lunch I’ll have to run to my bank and beg some temporary checks off of them. I feel like a total idiot though.

Still no on-line access at home. I was supposed to contact the cable company from work today, but I was so busy loading boxes to my car I forgot to take my briefcase with all the information inside of it. Yet another thing to feel like a total idiot about. *sigh*

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  1. those last odds and ends of moving grow exponentially, i swear. don’t know what song the title is from 🙁

    i’m sure they won’t look at you like you were an idiot at the bank. they’ll either look at you and think ‘oh, she must be in the process of moving and can’t find her checks yet" or "oh, she’s being battered and needs to get out of town." lol.

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