Dropping MELD, Puking Cats

Yet another draining session. This time we got 9.3 Liters out of me. My abdomen is really sore at the moment – it will take time for my guts to reconfigure themselves back into place.

My lab scores continue to fall closer and closer into normal ranges. My bilirubin is still high (though not as high as it has been. Creatinine is normal, and BUN is barely above normal readings. The MELD calculator on the UNOS site says I’m now a 13. [insert really pithy string of words here]

Last night we ordered pizza for dinner. Yeah, I know, it’s a no-no. But we stuck with veggie toppings, and I’d had a light salt day otherwise (plus I knew I was getting drained today) so it wasn’t as big a cheat as it could have been. There was apparently one piece left-over, and the Socialist left it in the box on the kitchen counter overnight. When I got back from the hospital a little bit ago, the box was overturned on the kitchen floor, the cheese had been eaten off the pointy end of the pizza, and Cattitude was busy barfing in the living. No need to to any further detective work to figure out who the guilty part was this time. I’ve never seen a cat with such a large cheese obsession and such a small tolerance for cheese. You’d think she’d learn. She is apparently the eternal optimist though, always thinking that she’ll be able to keep that next hunk of cheese down.

The only solution, apparently, is to teach her how to clean up her own barf.

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  1. Dogs are born with that knowledge.

    Other than delaying your transplant, I wondered what it meant that your scores are dropping. I foudn this site–http://www.cpmc.org/advanced/liver/patients/topics/MELD.html–which might be useful to others of your friends who want to know. Not that it answered the question, but it gave a really layman friendly explanation of what the MELD score is.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your pizza. *smile* It sounds like it was a necessary indulgence given the way you are feeling.

    Arrghhh . . . cat barf! Always a special treat. *smile*

  3. Sorry to hear about the dropping MELD score. How frustrating that must be!

    I wish I could send your catitude my kitten’s metabolism. That little queen can (and does) eat ANYTHING! We have nick-named her "The Taco Slut" because of her habit of becoming a little too "affectionate" when we are eating, especially tacos. She will hide under the table on a chair and silently wait for a lapse of attention and then sit up on her back legs and use her front paws to flip food off the plates and onto the table, which she then steals. Luckily this is not followed by wretching. The other cat has no interest in "people food" except for an occasional small bite of chicken. The dog will eat anything.

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