Air shows, Birthdays and Ungents

This is the weekend for that annual air show at the nearby air base. Long time readers may recall that I went last year with my friend Dr. Twenty Cats (actually, I think she’s up to twenty-one again, but “twenty” is easier to type out).

There was virtually no advertising done for the show this year. When I checked their website a week or so ago to get information about this year’s show, I discovered the site had been shut down. I made no plans to attend this year because of that. I suppose it’s just as well; once again there’s a low cloud ceiling, and many of the planned events won’t be able to get off the ground (pardon the pun). I’m hoping to get a glimpse of the stealth as it flies over though. My apartment is on the fly path for the show, so I get a good look at many of the aircraft, even if I do miss out on the running dialogue.

It appears I’m returning to work on Monday. Mentally, I’m just not ready for this. Enough said.

I got a flyer in today’s mail for a symposium for transplant recipients, those on the waiting lists, and their families. It will be held in Harrisburg in October. I think I’d really like to attend. I’d like it if the Socialist attended as well, but it starts 9:00 in the morning, and he is not a morning person. We’d have to leave here around six in the morning, or go the day before and stay overnight in Harrisburg, and I doubt either would agree with his constitution. Another symposium is being held in Philadelphia in November, so perhaps we could compromise on that. It would still be an early morning though, so I’ll have to wait and see what he says.

Sunday is the Younger Sister’s birthday. I broke down and got her a gift certificate to a local garden supply store that she loves. The place is way overpriced, but that isn’t any of my concern, I guess. The Elder Sister called last night to ask if Saturday evening was good for going over to her place and doing a small birthday celebration. We won’t be doing dinner, just snacks, drinks (soda on my part) and maybe something sweet. The Socialist is upset that we now have an obligation for over the weekend, which annoys me somewhat. He’s known for a while that Younger Sister’s birthday was this Sunday, and he also knows my sisters have a propensity for last minute planning. He himself has a propensity for last minute planning, so he really doesn’t have much room to complain there. I suppose I’m annoyed myself, since it will be my last weekend before I return to work, but I haven’t seen my sisters since July now, and the Younger sister hasn’t returned any of the last six or seven calls I’ve made to her, so I really should find out what’s up.

I did something that was probably rather dumb yesterday. I know enough about healing and scars to know there really isn’t anything to be done about scars short of plastic surgery. That didn’t stop me from shelling out $25 for a tube of Mederma gel, an ointment which is supposed to reduce existing scars a suppress scar formation. My surgical scar has become raised and is, if anything, uglier than it was a month ago. Though no one (except The Socialist and my docs) are likely to see it in the future, it still hits at my vanity. I may not be pretty, I might be too short, and I might now be stuck with bifocals, but damn it, I used to have really nice skin (save for the freckles). Now, everytime I change my shirt, I have to look at the dotted line where I was unzippered. If there’s any chance at all that this Mederma stuff works, I’m willing to go for it. We’ll see how it works out.

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