Cryogenic Suspension and Gun Control

It was a beautiful morning to be out. After dealing with a frosted windshield and warming up the car, the chill in the air was actually invigorating. And the trees were magnificent. After days of rain (sorry about that California; I’d have sent it your way if I could) there wasn’t a cloud in the sky this morning, and the morning light was as sharp and crisp as the morning air.

I drove along tree-lined roads that were absolutely ablaze with color. This is the fire that should be adorning trees this time of year. The entire warm side of the spectrum was represented in the trees this morning, from the yellow-greens of trees that won’t quite give up on summer yet through the golds and oranges right down to reds so dark and deep they make you want to walk up to them and warm your hands against their ember glow.

Yup, I was waxing philosophic big-time on the drive in this morning, smug in the feeling that I was living in the moment, stopping to sniff the last roses of summer while all the other idiots in rush hour traffic wove their way in and out of lanes oblivious to anything that wasn’t on pavement.

Then I arrived at work.

The heat pump that services the Mouth’s, the Minion’s and my offices is fried. Crisped. Finitoed. An ex-heat pump. Oh, the fan works fine. It worked fine all night, blowing cold air into the offices. Office temperature when the Minion arrived on the scene was 54º sullen Fahrenheit. Temperature when I reached the office an hour and a half later? A balmy 56º-Fahrenheit. (That’s 12º C and 13º C for you in Fahrenheit-deprived nations).

I spent the first three-quarters of an hour on the phone at my desk while different people played “hot potato” with my little problem. Interesting phrase, that. “Playing hot potato” with someone whose fingers are literally blue from the cold doesn’t make much sense.

Mr. Blue Hat finally showed up from maintenance and spent another three-quarters of an hour banging around on the outside wall of my office. He walked in twice to check on my thermostat. He looked happy on neither of his appearances. When he walked in a third time he was holding a little metal box with wires hanging out from all over it. Whatever it was (and formal introductions were never made) I have been informed that it’s “fried”. My initial reaction was to respond that “at least something is warm around here.” It is never wise to get sarcastic with the guy who holds your BTU’s in his hand. So I just nodded like I had a clue as to what he was talking about.

A clue to how cold it is in here – he left the panel open on the heat pump to try and warm our offices up a bit. He left promising to try and get a replacement, though he was somewhat vague as to which decade I could expect to see its installation occur in. I have a small space heater directly under my chair, so I can currently feel my arse-end, but the rest of me is developing a thin coating of rime, especially around the extremities.

I swear if I spend much more time in this office, I’m going to walk out of here freezer burned.


If you are a member of or sympathize with the NRA, ignore this next section. My intention is not to get into an argument about gun control, but just to pass on some gun control information I ran across this in the morning news.

Read this article: Stars promote NRA blacklist

Then go to this site:NRA Blacklist Sign-up

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  1. thanks for the info, pali.

    why do people fight first, and discuss later?

    this is too important an issue to draw sides up about.

    ‘course most of the issues that people draw sides up over are.

  2. I hope you packed something warm to wear. This would be a good time to indulge in a hot beverage like coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate.

    At the very least, you were able to have that moment on the way out this morning.

  3. Comrade Lenin popped into my office and said:

    "You cannot wait for a Revolution from the top. Smash the established order by bringing to work the electric space heater stored in the closet under the stairs."

  4. My sympathies on the demise of your heating system! They should send you all home with pay.

    Most our of the trees are past prime and at that stage where the they look ragged. Then again there are some that are just starting.

  5. Yo, Socialist! I *do* have that piece o’ crap heater in here, assuming you’re talking about your old one with the broken knobs. (Don’t you dare start giggling like a school girl.) How do you think I’m keeping my arse warm?

  6. Petition signed, check. Blacklisted Calichef, check. You can tell the Socialist that it’s not so warm here anymore, and that rain and snow (in the mountains) is predicted for this weekend. We are FINALLY getting some autumn weather! Yay!!!


  7. Shay and I just had a conversation about gun control. Whatever your viewpoint, isn’t it strange that liberals are pro-gun control and conservatives disagree with restrictions? I’m surprised it’s not the other way around. Usually, liberals don’t want the government telling them what they can do in their lives, and conservatives tend to step in and tell people what they can and can’t do. Sometimes politics just doesn’t make sense. Shay suggested that sometimes one side picks a viewpoint and the other side automatically goes against it.

  8. In our office spaces, one thermostat controls 4 rooms. In the room I am in it is always 10 degrees colder than the managers room. She is always hot so she turns down the thermostat and the guy who I share an office with, turns the thermostat up and so the battle goes…….I wish the damn thing would fry here. Then we would at least be able to adapt to one set temperature. However cold or hot it is, at least we could adjust to it. I have to wear a tank top and bring a coat, LOL. Hope your heater works soon!

  9. Thank you for the links. Wish we had sites pertinant to Oz…Sydney papers are awash in blame and fingerpointing this weekend. Maybe we do have sites???

    Hope you warm up at work

    Warm (((hugs))) from Thubten

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