Sunday I did not turn Seven

21 Mar 2003 – Today I turn Six.

21 Mar 2002 – Today I Turn Five.

In seven years, I have never once forgotten this day. I have anticipated it, relived the events in my mind, spent the day in reflection, and taken time to list how lucky I am and how good life has been.

Not only did I forget this year, but it’s also taken me four additional days to remember. I remember wondering in a diary entry last summer if my “birthday clock” had been reset again, or if I’d continue to consider March 21st my newly assigned rebirthday.

I think I’ve answered my question. Yet I feel like I’ve missed something very important. There’s a tangible sense of loss with having failed to recognize this date in some way.

I feel somewhat disoriented.

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  1. I agree that it should and does mean something to minors. Many of my thoughts, beliefs and morals were formed in my childhood days. As an adult I re-evaluate them, but the root remains in my childhood.

    This is a difficult topic and one that is hard to decide. I firmly believe in the pledge and am opposed to God being removed from it. But… I also believe in the rights of all Americans to choose their own belief system.

    There are many things in society today that I disagree with, am offended by, are contrary to my beliefs, morals and values. I think I would have a huge problem if I had to pledge an oath to those things…yet in all honesty… I still don’t want the pledge altered.


  2. And since I read your entries backwards…I now have to admit that I did not know that the pledge was altered in 1954. Hmmmmm… I think I need to educate myself a bit more on this subject. I naively thought it had always been the way it is now….


  3. I was 6 years old and in the 2nd grade when the word God was added to the pledge. I was able to absorb the meaning of the words and I don’t ever recall being with students who droned the words and rolled thier eyes while saying them.

    It did seem odd having God added but we all adapted.

    I wouldn’t say I’m atheist, I don’t belong to any religious organization. Because of this I don’t feel the need to judge, shun and hate.

    If there is a God I think he’ll be happier with the way I have treated others and not with how many times I said his name.

    It could be that atheists will be his chosen heaven monitors. Atheists have no hidden agendas, do they?

  4. Regarding the pledge issue, I started a comment that turned into a book. I think I’ll move it into an entry of my own so I don’t have to edit too much of it!


  5. I cannot refute a single word you’ve written. Sometimes in my quest for brevity (and hence, wit?) I don’t exactly write what I’m thinking. Allow me to addend.

    1. I don’t think anybody should be forced to say the Pledge until they’re old enough to mean it.

    2. Being amused by the furor doesn’t imply negativity towards the atheist protestors.

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