You look old to me, Part 2

See Yetzirah’s entry of today, You look old to me for part one.

AARP invited me to join today. The invitation came in the mail, along with assorted flyers for sales on yogurt and peanut butter and an announcement to a convention that I will not be attending.

I’m only ~. I don’t think you can join AARP before you’re fifty. Maybe even fifty-five. Who’s got me on the “fifty and older” mailing list, and why? They’re so sure that I’m eligible they don’t even tell me the cut-off age and warn me that if I’m younger I may not qualify for their magnificent group savings and benefits.

I have a pressing need to get myself off their mailing list. I need them to know that I’m not ready yet. They’ve made a huge, 716-day mistake. That’s almost two years you know. I won’t be eligible for two entire years.

Then again, those travel discounts look pretty good….

The days The Socialist and I are ships that pass in the night. Technically, we’re ships that pass in the late afternoon/early evening. I see him just before he leaves to teach his night classes. I’m frequently in bed by the time he returns home. If I’m not in bed, I suffer from sleep deprivation the next day. I know he likes teaching this schedule, so I feel guilty for being anxious for this first eight-week summer semester to end. But I am looking forward to seeing a little more of him.

Tonight, before he left for class, he told me that he’d read my cat short story. And he liked it. A lot. It wasn’t the general “hey that was pretty good” schtick that you tell someone who’s worked hard on something and deserves a compliment. He genuinely liked it. He liked the style of my writing, and the tone, and the story itself.

I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel.

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  1. BOY, can I ever relate to your suffering, AND HOW! They seem to have me fixed up pretty well, though. I’m going to assume they will get you straightened out, too. Good Luck!


  2. *~Salamander~*

    Sounds like you’ve been through a lot. You are lucky you got a liver transplant, or a transplant at all because I know a lot of people who go on waiting lists just to receive a transplant.

    Thats a lot of doctors to see. I’m the same way really, and I’m only 18. The problem is, I have a brain tumor and I see a lot of doctors and specialists for the problem. It usually takes up most of my free time, so I spend my days in hospitals most of the time.

    Anyway, I have done the Breast Cancer Walk/ Marathon for a few years now. My mom and I have also started doing the March of Dimes, aka, March for Premature Babies. It’s good to know there’s others out there who are also involved in this stuff.

    Well have a good week and hope all goes well!


  3. Your "You look old to me" entry was thoroughly endearing.

    Cat short story? Was that in your latest friends only entry? Still can’t access them, now can’t get to any other users’ private entries, either. I talked to Steve about it and he said it’s probably because of my virus programs, they’re too sensitive. And I have no idea how to change any settings. Oh well.

  4. Sorry to hear about your *cough cough* female troubles. I lost one of my ovaries when I was 23 and as a result have been dealing with perimenopause since I was about 28. Most think of that as an absence of periods but lack of estrogen can also result in continual shedding of the uterine lining *sigh*. A nasty business that has led me to using a light form of HRT(yes, even knowing the risks) for several years now as the pill didn’t help at all) and actually made things worse. In amongst all the specialists, is the an endocrinologist? See that your OB/Gyn has to say and go from there, as I am sure you will do.



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