Belated Christmas 2007 (Graphics Intensive)

I’ve been looking for cat ornaments for a few years now for my “Cat Christmas Tree”. The tree itself is a little Charlie Brownish, but it’s sufficient for my purposes at present. Eventually I’ll get a nicer Christmas tree for my ornaments, but since the ornament collection is still a tad sketchy, the tree does just fine for now.

A picture of the tree taken Chrismas Day.

A close up of a few of the assorted ornaments.

A really lousy picture of a really cool ornament. Hopefully I’ll do better with pictures next year.

Got a set of three of these on sale at Coldwater Creek. I didn’t like them when CWC first came out with the ornaments last year, and didn’t buy them then. They grew on me though, and I was sad when I found out they were only available in 2006. Then the pre-season sale came, and there was one last lonely box of them, which I snagged.

I got this one while shopping in Lancaster, PA in a Christmas only shop. I wish I could find more of this style.

A better picture of another really cool ornament, similar to the first one.

And finally, a picture of the Little Grey Terror, taken Christmas morning. For the first part of the day it was just her and me and a pot of tea. I recommend a Cat Christmas to anyone who needs to slow down and smell the pine needles.

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  1. What a truly excellent typo in your third sentence! Thank you for that.

    Another online friend of mine is currently dealing with (her words) cancer, and she decided such support groups (offline ones, in her case) weren’t for her. They can be wonderful for some people, I’m sure, but my friend found them depressing. And with bad coffee. She wants to shove the cancer into the smallest possible part of her life, not allow it more status than it demands.

    Butt inspection: true love. From butter and buttee both.

  2. The cat ornaments are great!

    We only have one. Friends of ours from the US brought it out with them years ago when they visited. It’s a ceramic cat tucking some mice into a matchbox; a tomcat who’s quite anatomically correct.

  3. keep the man who inspects the butt lovingly!

    you lucky girl.

    your kitkat ornaments are wonderful! and your girly girl is really striking. she’s beautiful.

  4. Boy have I heard that before—illness is not for the weak or proud.

    Your cat tree is really cool.

    At the moment I am lying in bed watching the morning news and drinking coffee. Our newest addition, Maxine (5 mo half egyptian mal and "valley cat"), is busy knocking all my organized files off my work table. Darn her….she is going to make me get up!

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