Irony is …

I’d emailed Dr. Fell the day before to ask about the stinging of the steroid cream when I applied it, and he wrote back to say he wanted to speak to me. Then I awoke yesterday morning to find two new eruptions of the rash, one on each thigh, each about half the size of my palm and painful. In fact, they felt just like the areas where I had been applying the cream. I realized that it wasn’t the cream causing the stinging. I was having new eruptions where I was applying the cream.

So the steroid cream has stopped working.

Dr. Fell called last night, and said he wants to see me as soon as he can fit me in. Meanwhile, I’m to stop using the cream. He’s thinking about using phototherapy twice a week on it. That’s essentially giving me a twice weekly sunburn to cure skin cancer.

You gotta love it.

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