Easter with Mary

Gads, I can’t remember the last time I saw Mary Poppins. I do remember the first time – I was eight years old and my whole family went to the drive-in movie. I remember in particular Dick van Dyke’s penguin dance and the bird woman scene. ABC Family is playing it now, and while I ought to be studying, I’m watching it instead while I finish my now cold morning coffee.

The penguin scene is just starting. I’d quite forgotten the penguins sang; I just remember the dance. Guess there won’t be an entry this morning after all.
Must log off and watch … Happy Holiday everyone.

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  1. I didn’t see that one till I was an adult. I was pretty familiar with some of the songs, though.

    We had a chimney sweep inspect our chimney shortly after we moved into the house. He didn’t look anything like Dick Van Dyke, though. I cannot get the vision of his plumber’s crack out of my mind, either.

    My friend Blythe Spirit down in Houston hired one once who, whenever he visits a house with a child, dresses up like a London chimney sweep and fakes the accent. BS’s son loved it.

  2. i watched the Wizard of Oz yesterday! such beautiful colors!!!! and the lyrics to each song the scarecrow, tinman, and lion sings are brilliant!

  3. I love watching those old movies that I haven’t seen in decades. It’s funny how many little barely off-color jokes there are in them that we just didn’t see as kids.

    Happy Easter!

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