And so it’s September

Damn but the days pass quickly now. I live mostly in a constant state of fear or frenzy. The job, as poor paying as it is, demands much. During the course of my seven and a half or eight hour day (depending on which day of the week it is) that I get to sit down is during my half hour lunch. I theoretically get two fifteen minute breaks, but I haven’t seen one of those yet. The pharmacy is understaffed and while I continue to learn things, I can’t assimilate them all quickly enough. Tonight after finally figuring out how to do something particularly tricky on the computer involving changing NDC codes for equivalent generics I allowed myself to say out loud that I felt I was finally catching on to some things. The pharacist on duty at the time then informed me that I didn’t know even 10% of what the job entailed.

Nothing like slapping a person on the back, eh?

I fear going into work, I’m too busy at work to do anything but plow through the day, and then I go home and review all the mistakes I made during the course of the day and start to work up a good head of fear about going in the next day.

Next week they increased our hours and I’m working six days for a total of 35 hours. The pay will be nice, but I can only hope that I’ll survive.


In other news, we’re in the process of trying to refinance our mortgage. It looks as though it’s going to be a very straightforward process. I was amazed to find that my credit score is absolutely brilliant; somehow I thought that two years on unemployment would have sent my score to the basement dungeons. The new mortgage is at a significantly lower rate than our current, and the monthly savings should help us considerably. That, along with my (temporarily) increased hours, should help the financial strain that The Prof has been under tremendously.

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  1. wonderful news about the refinancing. hang in there with the work. they should be thanking their lucky stars they have someone with a good work ethic who is damned smart.

  2. That comment to you was rude. And if the pharmacist feels that way then why doesn’t he teach you so that you are up to speed instead of being a jerk. I’m betting you are doing far better than willing to admit. Sometimes people just have NO people-skills.

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