Personal Independence.

This morning I slept in until about 9:00. I might have even slept later, except that was when The Professor decided he was tired and came in to bed. He’s still in asleep now, and it’s given me the whole day to myself.

I’ve wasted the entire day. I played Snood (rather disinterestedly – it was more something to do than a challenge I felt like rising to). I went shopping for shorts. I got a local paper with the times for the fireworks in it. I picked up some stuff for dinner. I intended to read, but somehow didn’t get around to that. Perhaps after I finish this entry.

My friend from vet school that I was going up to Boston with called last night. It sounds like she’s going to beg out of staying in Boston for a few extra days after the convention. Since we’re driving up, that means I’ll be coming home early. That may give me one or two extra days vacation, but I really wasn’t planning on having any extra days vacation, and I’m not sure what to do with them. I’m disappointed … I really was looking forward to spending a week away from home. Still, she hasn’t absolutely cancelled on my yet, so there is still hope.

The Professor is asleep, the cats are asleep, the rugrats in the parking lot have run out of firecrackers … at least I’ve been blessed with a nice quiet day.

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