Poetry “Hard Sell”

A final thought, in magnetic poetry:

sun warmed black and white diamond
eyes of grass and moonlight
you are the universe in one tiny measure
how is it none will take you home

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  1. I was once the animal warden of this tiny village. In one month I trapped 90 feral cats living in one colony. I, too, knew it meant doom for those cats and I hated to do it. The flip side was, most of them were showing signs of URI, they were all underweight, and they were making a terrible mess of the neighborhood. I looked at the risk to "owned" cats in the neighborhood (there are no leash laws for cats in this county), the fact that these cats were using peoples gardens for their litterboxes and decided it was the absolute best thing I could do. I still felt horrible about it. *sigh*. I am sure that colony originated from someone who didn’t have their cat spayed. Makes you want to hurt people, doesn’t it?

  2. I had to look up the word feral… It’s much easier for everyone else to resist the darling kitty…when they know, as we knew, you’d take care of it.

    Good luck finding her a home!


  3. I look forward to the fable – if you don’t put it into your diary, pls let me know where I may be able to read it.

    Thank you for your comments.

    The supposed NO quotes to were lame. And I wonder if Goethe’s has been translated poorly?

    Darling wee Dekyi. Beautiful poem *smile*


  4. Shame on Sharon for dumping you like that!

    I’m smiling wide and I’m keeping my lips sealed because the "I knew it" is trying to find a way out. Seriously though, I didn’t know it, I was worried. Hoped that you might keep her or keep her until you find her a new home, but wasn’t sure because you never mentioned the possibility. Good for dear little Dekyi.

  5. i run into my building so that i don’t hear it if one of the 2 dogs roaming the streets by itself every evening gets hit by a car. the street in front of my apartment building is non-stop traffic. people will never learn that:

    1. you always supervise your pet(s) when they are outdoors

    2. use a lead when walking your dog, keeps them alive longer.

    i’m still holding out hope someone here will take the kitten.

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