Winding the Weekend down.

Kitten from Hell has once again wrested the cat bed from Clueless Wonder. It annoys me – it’s CW’s cat bed, has been for years. And he refuses to defend it, just lets her walk all over him. I bought a new cat bed today, so that there’d be enough to go around (Warrior Princess doesn’t do cat beds, so only two are required here). KfH slept in the new one for a bit, but when she saw CW in his old bed nothing would do but that she roust him from it and sleep there. I feel like kicking her out and giving it back to CW, but they’re going to have to work this out themselves … and I think they have. CW show no interest in the new bed himself, but has stationed himslef on the floor about three feet away from KfH and his former property and is lying there, staring forlornly at what was once his.

Rented The Phantom Menace this weekend and watched it … the first time I’ve seen it since the theatrical run in the summer of 1999. It’s even worse than I remembered. George Lucas stands as living proof that the ability to come up with a good idea doesn’t proof one against ruining said good idea. I think I’m finally beginning to accept that he’s never going to be able to pull off another “Empire Strikes Back” again. More’s the pity.

I’m finally getting around to working on a homepage that I’ve been fleshing out in my head since last summer. I want to organize my father’s war letters, pictures and souvenirs into some sort of coherent site. I’d like to have the site up and running in another six months or so; a daunting task, considering the amount of paperwork and photography I have to sift through. It should be worth it though. With interest in World War II on the rise again due to the sixtieth anniversary of the entry of the US into the battle, I’m hoping that any others who served on same the destroyer escort as my father did might start doing web searches and run across this site. It’s also a way to organize and preserve the mass of memorabilia he left behind.

I got a call from The Flying Buttress around noon today, just to do catch up. Asked him about the name of the ship the girl he’d been seeing was on down in Antarctica, but of course forgot to write it down. I think he said it was “The Explorer”. They have a website – I should try and check it out. It would be interesting if they have plans visit McMurdo Base where one of the diarists here at Dear Diary was based.

I’m still feeling misanthropic. Still annoyed with the Dutch Scotsman for butting into a conversation I was having with someone else on the forum to tell me that I was basically wasting space talking about the weather (I’d been trying to find out what the big storms in Europe were like from someone who’d been living through them for the past week). The Professor tells me that the politics threads are flying thick and fast on the board at present. I think it’s time for another sabbatical away from all that nonsence.

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  1. yes, i was also one of the disappointed re: phantom. that site sounds like it’ll be cool, it reminds me to get the specifics on my dad’s experiences.

    rabies vax are coming up…shite! are they really as bad as i hear they are? my arm hurts already.

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