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  1. Try talking down the price on the table you want. They may want to move it as much as you want to get it.

    Unless it’s really too big.

  2. I’m suddenly feeling an enormous burden on my shoulders to write something profound.


    I read that too in the forums and thought, "Holy crap!" Just seems bizarre to me to think of people 50 years from now reading my entries!! LOL


  3. I think that not writing too much about what irritates one and writing enough about what makes one happy is important to give readers a balanced view. Unfortunately, the squeaky psychic wheel gets the grease.

  4. Dear Salamander,

    i really like to read your diary, to know what you think or what ACfH has done each day. as a foreigner, i’d like to know how people live in different way. well, i like those quizzes also. *smile* i think you are one of the best journalist in DD.


  5. Love the Dear Diary Credo you’ve set up! Can I borrow it? 😀

    There’s a lot to think about there. I hadn’t really thought too much about the long-term aspect of the online diary. Guess it’s because it’s just floating around out there, not in a concrete tangible form like a printed book, and because I once had a journal on Open Diary and it was deleted because I got involved with other things and left it behind for a month or so (similar to what happened with my DD last month). I had somewhere around 30 entries there that I was pretty proud of, entries I didn’t have the foresight to save onto a diskette for myself. It’s amazing that we as Writers (I like how you capitalized that word) can record our lives for the sake of posterity.


    Cheers, Charlie


  6. Thank you Salamander for such a thought provoking entry. I really enjoy your diary. It’s one of the few that I try to visit everyday – even when I don’t have time to update my own diary.

    I believe your entries and your writing style will stand the test of time. I do not think of you as whiney at all. Quite the opposite actually. I think you tell it like it is – and sometimes that means talking about cleaning up cat vomit. You combine wit and humor and make the most normal, mundane things come to life.

    And your comments???….

    You are the supreme commentator. Even when you disagree or share another viewpoint – it is done with class and knowledge..

    Ok, I’ve gushed enough.

    Keep writing!!


  7. I have to admire the intention of DD. While we can marvel at the achievements of significant historical figures, it would be refreshing to know that Marie Curie was driven nuts by her hubby leaving his socks on the floor, or Paul Revere’s wife had problems getting him to take the garbage out.

    Then again, maybe I just have a twisted imagination and sense of humor.


  8. What if people 1000 years after us read our diaries, giggling at our stupidity and at how old-fashioned we all are (were). Outrageous!

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