ADM, furniture and Women Vets

I know Fridays are supposed to be a good thing, but they really don’t count until quitting time, and I’m a long way from there it seems.

First of all – thanks for your comment yesterday ADM. It forces me to re-evaluate how I look at a few things. I’m going to chew over your thoughts for a bit, and probably come up with another related entry, or at least a partial rewrite of yesterday’s. I think I was over-reacting to what I preceived as harsh words, and forgot there were ways to twist spite with saccharine to achieve equally damaging results. I still think it is important that a person at least *try* to consider the effect of their words on others, but as I said, you’ve given me a few things to mull over. And I shall.

But today is a new day. I got good news and bad news yesterday with a single phone call. My new furniture has arrived! The first day they can deliver is Sunday (which is hardly any wait at all). The bad news? Sunday was the day I was planning to go to the Flower Show. No Flower Show for me this year, I fear, since Saturday I promised to go with The Prof to see War of the Worlds, which is being shown as a matinee at a local independent theater.

The Professor is sick. Whatever I had (and seem to be getting over more quickly than usual) has seized him with a vengence. I hope he feels well enough to attend The War of the Worlds tomorrow. He’s been looking forward to this for weeks.

I’ve been invited to participate in an ad hoc committee devoted to attempting to get more women to participate in our state’s veterinary medical association. I might check it out, but I don’t know if I can do anything useful there. Don’t even know if I care to. Our state’s medical association, like most other states’ associations and like the national association, have men over-represented in the top officers positions. Veterinary schools in the fifties, sixties and early seventies often only had a woman or two per class, if they had any women at all. This is the generation now in power in the associations. Current veternary schools are graduating classes in which women comprise 75% or more of the class. The new graduates simply don’t HAVE anyone to represent them with years of experience. I’m interested in getting more information, but I suspect the only solutions are ones that won’t be palatable to the Old Boys Network in power. They will probably find that participation continues to drop off in the association, as fewer and fewer men enter veterinary professions.

I’m off to do battle with the forces of Evil. Wish me luck.

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