Back to work.

I went to work today, but I’m not concentrating on much. It isn’t that I’m sitting here worrying about things; more like I just can’t keep my mind fixed on any one thing for too long a time without it wandering elsewhere. This alarming tendency of my grey-matter to go AWOL had best cure itself soon, though. I have a handful of things that I really should attend to before the end of the day.

I called the Big Sister last night and let her know what was going on. I’d been hoping to hold off on that task until I had a definitive diagnosis, but that is taking longer than I would like, and I didn’t want to postpone the phone call much longer. I’ve been using her as “person to contact” on all the hospital forms, and it occurs to me that if they ever do have to contact her about something it might be nice if she had a clue that something was wrong to begin with. I ought to tell the Little Sister as well, but she’s got an alarming tendency towards over(re)acting and melodramatism, and I’m really not up to that at the moment. Still, I’d best get to her before the Big Sister does.

I’ve still got so much to do because of the move too. I haven’t contacted the state licensing department about the address change for my professional license, which I have exactly two more days to do and still be legal. I have to change my address for seven professional organizations, two magazines, my insurance (car and apartment)and get it and my new phone number to my broker. At least all my doctors and the local hospitals have my new address now! [insert lopsided grin here]

I made spaghetti for dinner for myself last night, gathered up all the dirty dishes I could find scattered throughout the apartment and stuck them in the dishwasher last night before I went to bed. At least I got to wake up to clean dishes in the dishwasher this morning. On the downside, I got to wake up to a bunch of dirty dishes as well, from the Socialist’s nocturnal feedings. *grumble*

My friend who works in the computer department here got me bootlegs from I know-not-where of the Director’s cut preview for the Two Tower, along with several Two Tower Trailers. He also managed to get a very high quality 90 minute DVD of “The making of Lord of the Ring”. Understand that I heartily disapprove of bootleg copies of anything. I feel the artists and technicians who make this stuff are due payment for their work. Having said this, I’m looking forward to watching this stuff tonight with my legs elevated in front of the TV. I’ll just consider myself obligated to buy whatever comes available of this collection he’s handed me as soon as it is publicly available.

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