Has the jury reached a verdict?

Went and picked up my note from Dr. Liver attesting to the fact that I was well enough to return to work. This was all my boss said I’d need. NEVER listen to your boss on matters of personnel. I need to get another special form filled out as well, as I found out from personnel when I hand delivered my little piece of paper this morning. They were willing to accept me back pending the completed form though, so back I shall be, come October 15th. Before they made it official, I had to go to Occupational Health and visit the company doc first, at the doc’s own request.

Turns out he really didn’t want to give me a check up at all, but just wanted the latest gossip on how I was doing. It appears he is about the only person in the company who hadn’t heard that my troubles turned out to be liver instead of heart related. He really got into discussing some of the medical aspects with me, and then sent me off without so much as lifting a stethoscope.

I thought I was out the door and done when one of the company nurses nailed me on the way out. It turns out that anyone who has been out for more than four weeks has to go through drug screening. Bleh. They might have told me BEFORE I went to the medical suite, since I’d stopped at the restroom to relieve myself between personnel and there. Amazing how much urine you can produce in only 15 minutes when you’re on Lasix though (yeah, I know, I know – I’ve shared too much). Anyhow, I got the all-clear on that as well, so now I’m official.

A little too official. Turns out my boss wants me to sit in on a conference call with D.C. tomorrow morning at ten from my house. I have a meeting at the gym with my trainer at 8:00, the conference call at 10:00, which promises to last until 11:00, and then I have to run the damned paperwork to Dr. Liver an hour away. I was looking forward to a few nice, quiet days before I returned to my labors.

The Socialist and I are going away for the weekend, so at least I have that to look forward to. I’m getting the daughter of one of my co-workers to feed the cats while we’re gone, so I had to have some extra apartment keys made today as well. I want my sisters to have keys too, just in case. It’s always nice to know you have an alternative to paying the $10 lock-out fee the apartment complex charges if you go and do something stupid.

Got a call from the Transplant Department at the Big City Hospital I’ll be visiting next Monday. They are evidently finding it challenging to get all the information they require out of Dr. Liver. I gave them my sincerest condolences. Hopefully they get it all resolved before next week.

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